Breakout Box works with OBD2 tool Godiag GT100 vs ECU CONNECTOR

I’d like to share my experience with what Breakout Box works on bench with OBD2 tool, especially for key programming. I have the choice between these two tools ECU CONNECTOR and Godiag GT100.

Image 1. Godiag GT100 Bench ECU connector
godiag gt100 package


Test reports speak louder than the promised:

Test report 1:
I used an old box and a 100 banana females plus a handful of other bits and a £16 obd break out box that had 1 leads and voltage/leds on it
added a few 25pin connectors and some cheap Chinese ktag leads to make harnesses
breaker yard and cut of plugs of ones we do – made them up with male banana leads

I also bought a godiag GT100 unit and that is in the van.

Test report 2:
I’ve bought some months ago Godiag GT100 and i have to say it’s really good, never had a problem and it’s really cheap (paid €70). They have also made compatible CAS4 platform and FEM platform tried the FEM one and works perfectly. So, I would advise it.

Alright, make your own. If you have more using experience, suggestions and questions, please contact at