GODIAG EV Charger Comparison: 16A, 32A, 40A and 40A

Currently, there are four kinds of GODIAG EV Chargers for sale at GODIAGSHOP.COM. What’s the difference between them? How to choose?


GODIAG EV Charger Comparison Table:

Image  godiag ev charger comparison 1 godiag ev charger comparison 2  godiag ev charger comparison 3 godiag ev charger comparison 4
Max Current 16A 32A 40A 40A
Power 3.5kw 7.68kw 9.6kw 9.6kw
Current 8A/10A/13A/16A 10A/16A/24A/32A 8A/16A/32A/40A 8A/16A/32A/40A
Voltage 110-240V 240V 240V 240V
Type Portable Portable Hardwired (wall-mount) NEMA 14-50 Plug (wall-mount)
Cable 20ft 20ft 25ft 25ft
Level Level 1+2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2
Price US$149.99 US$155.00 US$189.00 US$199.00


In conclusion:

All GODIAG EV chargers are suitable for 99% of electric vehicles with the standard J1772 charging port in the market of United States.

Compared with other similar products, GODIAG EV Chargers have the highlights below.

1.Portable and lightweight;

2.Intelligent, multi-purpose and multi-protection;

3.Can be applied to the US standard Level2 socket, namely 220-240V dual voltage mode, the voltage is automatically recognized and converted, and the charging efficiency is better than the vehicle’s original charger. Only GODIAG 16A EV Charger can be applied to the US standard Level 1/Level2 two-mode socket.

4.All have passed the FCC certification, as well as the UL test report, and the wire has passed the UL certification to ensure the safety and quality.


GODIAG 40A EV Charger (Black) Reviews:

1.Work with my Volvo without issue.

2.Works just as it should and charged my Nissan. 

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Godiag EV Charger 16A–Level 1+2 Customer Review


GODIAG 32A EV Charger Reviews:

1.We’ve got a 2022 Hyundai Kona EV and typically charge overnight using the mobile charger supplied by Hyundai. It works with 120V outlets at 12A and we get about 12% charge overnight.

it’s a very reasonable price for a very capable charger.

2.Great portable charger. Easy to throw in the trunk and be able to charge as needed as long as you can find the right outlet. The charger is made of good materials and works as intended. It has wide compatibility, but check to make sure this is right for the type of vehicle you have. Overall, pleased with this for the price.

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Godiag 32A Level 2 EV Charger Customer Review


GODIAG 40A EV Charger (Yellow) Reviews:

1.Very reliable. It will provide 40A of power. Works great for my ID4.

2.I use this for my Tesla Model 3 that came with the Charging Adapter. You will need the adapter to hook it up to a Tesla so just be aware of that and you should be fine.

The 40A charges really fast and I think it’s a very high quality charger, both the product itself and its cable.

Either way, well worth the purchase and my tesla at almost 0% battery charges to full within 5 hours and I have it scheduled to charge overnight from 12am-6am utilizing the Super Off Peak time from the electric company, as it supports 1-12 hours charging time appointment.

3.As an enthusiastic Tesla owner, I upgraded to this Godiag Level 2 Charger for faster charging compared to standard 110V trickle charging. With max 9.6kW output, I can now fully repower my EV’s battery overnight rather than needing 24+ hours!

The rugged 25-foot cable works flawlessly even in extreme cold thanks to Arctic-grade insulation. And authorization via RFID cards prevents misuse when sharing but allows secure access. I feel very at ease knowing my EV will charge quickly regardless of weather.

My only gripes so far are the lack of WiFi connectivity and app integration that competitors offer. While the convenient 3.8” LCD screen shows real-time charging status clearly, I would prefer to also monitor progress remotely via phone when away from home.

Additionally, the basic timer only enables setting a delayed start and end time for charging. More granular scheduling based on electricity rates would allow further cost optimization when not urgently needed.

Overall though, for a robust and reliable Level 2 Charger that zips my EV battery from empty to full while I sleep, I’m very satisfied. The Godiag Charger may lack some bells and whistles but delivers on lightning fast charging performance and rugged durability – exactly what I required most!

godiag ev charger comparison 5 godiag ev charger comparison 6 godiag ev charger comparison 7

GODIAG 40A EV Charger (Black) Reviews:

1.Fantastic charger

I received this charger today, it came well packaged and is just what I expected. It works exactly as it should and seem well made.


Overall, this purchase perfectly matches its description, and I am extremely satisfied with the product.

2.Looks and works great.


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