GODIAG GT100 ECU Breakout Box Test Report+ Reviews

GODIAG GT100 ECU Breakout Box seems to be more and more popular with users in the world. Because it is of good quality and easy to use, helps people save money and solve many issues.

First, let’s learn something about GODIAG GT100.

GODIAG GT100 unboxing video:

It comes with all goods as below:
-1pc x Host
-1pc x OBD 2-in-1 extension cable
-1pc x Colored jumper cable
-1pc x Power supply 12V
-1pc x Resistance 120 ohm
-6pcs x Banana plug
-24pcs x Wire accessories, Dupont 2.54mm connector female pin

What’s the highlight of GODIAG GT100?

  • It is the latest testing platform for OBDII protocol communication detection and ECU maintenance/diagnosis /programming /coding.
  • Can convert the carOBD2 interface into 16 pins for signal detection and electrical level conversion.
  • Able to connect the single modules or multiple modules of the vehicle.
  • Can be connected with any diagnostic tool to tell whether the car communication is good or not.
  • Can work with the most device to do test, will make your operation much easier, such as Xhorse VVDI2, Autel Scanner, Launch Scanner, Vident Scanner, and so on.
  • Can also supply power to the car when you change the battery to avoid the vehicle control module data being lost, automatically locked, the key remote control fails and the fault light turns on.
  • Works together with GODAIG BMW CAS4 & CAS4+ Test Platform, they can work with Xhorse VVDI2/Lonsdor K518/CGDI/Autel IM608 to do off-site key programming/all keys lost/ add new key

godiag gt100

Next, let’s see the following real test reports to check what exactly GODIAG GT100 can do.

GODIAG GT100 test MPPS V18:

GODIAG GT100 with Vident iEasy200 scanner read ECU fault code

VVDI Key Tool Plus read W164 EIS data with Godiag GT100

VVDI Key Tool Plus read W204 W207 EIS data with Godiag GT100

GODIAG GT100 with GODIAG CAS4 Test Platform test key synchronization

GODIAG GT100 ECU connector also works well with Launch X431 V to read data stream on 2015 Nissan Teana No issues.
The purpose of GODIAG GT100 is to prevent X431 V scan tool from being burnt out.
godiag gt100 with x431vlaunch x431v

Besides, GODIAG GT100 also can be used to work with CGDI Prog BMW, CGDI Prog MB and CG Pro 9S12.

It’s able to connect with the single or multiple cars ECU modules. It can not only determine whether the car is communicating properly but also supply power to the car when you change the battery to prevent data loss of the vehicle control module, automatic lock, remote control of the key failure, failure lights on.

1.GODIAG GT100 with GODIAG CAS4 CAS4+ Test Platform+ CG PRO 9S12
godiag gt100 with cg pro 9s12

The purpose of GODIAG GT100 with CAS4 CAS4+ Test Platform:
1). Test the communication is normal or not
2). Prevent data loss
3). Program new key when all keys lost, add new key
4). Detect whether the key is programmed successfully after reading CAS4 CAS4+ data and adding new key by CG Pro 9S12 programmer.

2.GODIAG GT100 + CGDI MB Key Programmer

The purpose of GODIAG GT100:
1). Test the communication is normal or not
2). Quickly communicate with a single ECU on bench or car by connecting with the CGDI Prog MB key programmer to read and clear ECU data.

Allow the engineers or technicians to complete the job and keep away the risk of data loss in other modules when directly testing on the vehicle.

3.GODIAG GT100 + CGDI BMW Key Programmer

The purpose of GODIAG GT100:
1). Test the communication is normal or not
2). Prevent data loss
3). Quickly communicate with a single ECU on bench or car by connecting with the CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer to read ECU data/ ISN code, diagnose and add new key, do all keys lost, etc.

Moreover, GODIAG GT100 can be used as a monitor.

Sometimes when you connect the device to car or ECU, if the voltage went off suddenly, the data will lose. Once have the GODIAG GT100 in hand, you can monitor the current voltage and whole operation process to know what happened.

Finally, read the related customers’ feedback about GODIAG GT100 Breakout Box.

Feedback 1: Great tool for a great price. Compares to the big brands as well!

Great product for doing diagnostics, vehicle immobilizer & security work whether it can be on the bench with the included power adapter or in the vehicle with the OBD II port supplying power.

With expensive scan tools these days I always use this godiag gt100 ecu connector to verify that the networks are communicating properly and that there is proper power and grounds being supplied to the box assembly. You don’t want to hook your very expensive scan tool up and it will be fried because you didn’t have the proper powers and grounds from somebody’s previous shoddy work on a vehicle.

I have multiple brands of Breakout boxes and this is the easier one to use with additional features for doing ecm, ecu repair on vehicles.

Please make sure you’re fully aware of the capabilities Nd use of this product as with little or no experience just as with other tools, equipment you can do thousands of dollars to a vehicle if not properly trained or knowledgeable with what you’re doing.

Feedback 2: Money Saver
Just a heads up, this gt100 does not come with instructions. I kinda knew what I was doing but I had to do some googling. Basically this is for diagnosing your car when you have a check engine light, it can also reset the check engine light. Another cool thing this tool does is that it can save your settings on your radio when you change your batteries. I was also able to use this without having to get a scanner. This tool has the potential to save money on diagnosing car issues and repairs. Mine has worked well with great accuracy.
godiag gt100 ecu connector

Feedback 3: The interface converter has the function
The GT100 interface converter has the function of detecting and switching replace signals. It can be connected with multiple modules. Strong compatibility, making use and diagnostics more integrated and robust!
godiag gt100 connector