GODIAG GT100 Test 2005 Ford Expedition on Bench with Autel Maxisys Ultra

Here will share a test report on Ford 2005 Expedition by using GODIAG GT100 ECU breakout box and Autel maxisys ultra.

First comes with the related testing video.

Car info: 2005 Ford Expedition Limited 5.4L, V8, VIN5, 24v, SOHC, Triton, USA/Canada.

Why need GODIAG GT100?
With Godiag GT100 ECU breakout box connected additionally, you will know if the power voltage is normal and the CAN blue light on the machine will on to tell if Autel maxisys ultra has good communication with the ECU.

The detailed operation guide:

Connect GT100 and Autel maxisys ultra by the OBD 2-in-1 extension cable

On Godiag GT100, press the “Power” button, then “12V (30)” & “12V (45)”, you will see it will display the voltage on the machine. It’s great.

Next, in the site of my recently purchased vehicle site, searching for PCM, then “Wiring diagram of Electronic Engine Controls -5.4L(25-1)”.

In the power distribution diagram, you can see what pins go to.

The connectors have numbers of the pins at the end.

When something is connected incorrectly, no CAN Blue lights are shown.
godiag gt100

If you miss a ground, the CAN Blue lights will still not appear.

Go through the entire diagram just in case miss something.

Don’t forget to connect everything before you continue.

Power sourcing is shorting somewhere, then connecting different power sources.

Back to Autel maxisys ultra, tap “Diagnostics” > “EOBD” > “VIN Auto detect”

If there are still no CAN blue lights on Godiag GT100, double checked connectors and connect them to the middle connector.

Autel ultra decode VIN successfully and read out vehicle information.

Search for the CKP sensor.

As you can see it is so valuable to have multitasking.

The primary issue was on vehicle the ckp sensor was sensing voltage to both the feed & the return.

With this Bench test and you can rule out the issue being the ECU.

All right! That’s the whole process using GODIAG GT100 and Autel maxisys ultra to test 2005 Ford Expedition.

Have fun!