GoDiag GT101 VS GoDiag GT102 VS TOPDIAG P200 VS AUTEL PS100

GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe is a specialized circuit maintenance testing tool developed for car maintenance workers and engineers. It can be used for the test of open circuit, short circuit and the voltage of the power supply line as well as the output of the positive and negative anodes. It is a high-level tool for judging positive and negative anodes. Its function also covers fuse testing, battery voltage testing, circuit voltage testing, relay testing, real and virtual electricity testing, ignition pulse signal testing, throttle voltage signal testing, vehicle LAN circuit testing, the Hall sensor performance testing, crankshaft induction testing, camshaft induction testing. What’s more, Godiag PIRT Power Probe can be used for fuel injector testing and has the function of automatically cleaning the fuel injector.

GODIAG GT101 with reverse connection protection circuit is used for DC 6-40v cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, engineering vehicles, ships, tractors, special mine vehicles, and other vehicles using DC circuits.

Compared with TOPDIAG P200 and AUTEL PS100:

  1. GoDiag GT101 VS GoDiag GT102: GT101 supports Current function, while GT102 does not.
  2. GoDiag GT101 VS TOPDIAG P200: GT101 can clean up fuel injectors, while TOPDIAG P200 not.
  3. GoDiag GT101 VS AUTEL PS100: GoDiag GT101 can perform relay tests, fuel injector tests and fuel injector cleaning.
GoDiag GT101 GoDiag GT102 TOPDIAG P200 AUTEL PS100
Image godiag gt101 godiag gt102 TOPDIAG P200 AUTEL PS100
DC Voltage
AC Voltage X X
Positive and negative voltage output
Component activation
Current X
Resistance X X
Open circuit detection
Short circuit detection
Fuel injector test X
Fuel injector cleaning X X
Relay test X
Oscilloscope function X X X