How to Correct Mileage on 2014 VW Golf7 with Godiag GD801 OdoMaster?


Is it possible to use Godiag GD801 ODOMaster to correct mileage on 2014 VW Golf7? engineer replied:

Currently, there are three options supported.

  • Golf7 NEC35XX(Four Generation)
  • GOLF7 2012-2014.06 MQB
  • GOLF7 2014.06- MQB

In addition, Godiag OdoMaster also can read and write EEPROM for the first two options.

Brand Area MODEL Year Dashboard Type Read KM Write KM READ EEPROM WRITE EEPROM

(Four Generation)

VW ALL GOLF7 2012-2014.06 MQB
VW ALL GOLF7 2014.06- MQB

Recommend to enter the dashboard type in Godiag ODOMaster tablet to identify the vehicle automatically.

Connect GODIAG GD801 to the OBD port of vehicle via main cable

Select Diag Program>> CLUSTER CALIBRATE to choose the corresponding car model you desire, and follow the prompt to change mileage. (Refer to the figures below)

godiag odomaster 2014 golf7 odometer correction 1

godiag odomaster 2014 golf7 odometer correction 2

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