Three Kinds of Relays Test by GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe

Sometimes, there is something wrong with your car. The headlights, turn signals, horn and the engine starter do not work, but there is no problem with these components after detection. Then you can check the relay switch. GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe can make this job easier.

There are three kinds of relays on the market.
1. Conventional Relays
Relay port 86 Positive power supply (red), 85 power supply negative (black), 30 COM (yellow), 87 Normally Open (green), 87a Normally Closed (blue)

2. Special Relays
Relay port 1. Negative power supply (black), 2. Positive power supply (red), 3. COM (yellow), 4. Normally Closed (blue), 5. Normally Open (green)

3. Other Relays (port definition is not specific)

How to test relay by GODIAG GT101 PIRT?
godiag pirt power probe

Step 1: Remove the relay from the car
Step 2: Connect the simple relay test adapter of GT101 based on the connection of the relay

  • According to the characteristics of the relay to distinguish the coil end of the relay, the common end, the normally open end and the normally closed end.

Step 3: Connect the black battery clip of GODIAG PIRT Power Probe to the negative electrode of the battery

Step 4: Connect the red battery clip to the positive electrode of the battery
If the GT101 PIRT displays normally, and the illumination LED lights, it means that the power supply of the equipment is normal.

Step 5: Press the function button of the fuel injector relay and the buzzer will beep once. Function output green light flashes
The relay test signal is transmitted to the relay test line and the relay adapter to drive the relay to work. The ammeter shows the working current of the relay.

Tips to judge the relay test result:
1. For relays with normally open and normally closed functions, the red power light on the relay adapter flashes; For the normally open, green light flashes; for the normally closed, the blue light flashes. The current displays normal current value.

2. For relays with only normally open function, the red power light on the relay adapter flashes; for the normally open, the green light flashes; for the normally closed, the blue light goes out. The current shows the normal current value.

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