2022 GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe Newest Reviews

Godiag GT101 is becoming more and more popular with customers. Here are two new customer reviews for reading.

Review 1: It’s earned a permanent place on my tool shelf

Godiag GT101 is one of those tools you didn’t know you needed until you had a chance to use it, then you won’t be able to figure out why you didn’t get it sooner. The manual covers the test procedure, so I decide to share with you and hope gives you an idea of how you would use it.

The GT101 PIRT Power Probe comes with a very good package, the presentation is superb. As is the apparent quality of the tool itself. It has a nice quality feel to it and comes with plenty of accessories to troubleshoot, not just 12 volts, but according to the manual up to 80 volts, and measure from 0-9amps.

The operating voltage is 6v to 40 volts, and the working current is 200ma. The signal output is 10 amps positive and negative, with a trip current of 20amp.

Overall I really like this tool, it does a lot, its power does way more than you will probably everyday use it for, but who doesn’t like to have that tool that you use for obscure issues, yet that same tool be fully functional for testing common day to day things such as voltage, current, and relays? I know I do, it’s earned a permanent place on my tool shelf, 5 stars.

The only con… wish it had a hard case, but it’s such a great tool otherwise, that I really don’t mind it one bit.


Review 2: Power probe works perfect for auto repairs

I use this GT101 power probe all the time for diagnosing cars. It works well and has an easy to read digital display.

Definitely helpful being able to add voltage to circuits to test components. Comes with some wire adapters and a decent box to store it all in. Recommended to anyone looking to have easier diagnostics.

Credits to @Roberto @Pinlacha Davis

Hope it helps!