GODIAG GT105 Review: Unboxing+ Wake Up ECU+ Communication Detection+ Power Device

Here share the user guide with words, images and videos about how to use GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD.

Part 1: GODIAG GT105 Unboxing & Short circuit and Wake up ECU

GODIAG GT105 OBDII ECU Connector comes with GT105 host, Power cord with battery clip (11ft long power cable).
godiag gt105GT105 host

How to short circuit and wake up ECU?
When turning the key to the ACC gear, the meter does not light up and the anti-theft matching device cannot collect data.

Use GT105 to short-circuit the car OBD interface (PIN V1-16).
Before connecting, first press the V1-16 button on the GODIAG GT105.

Note: The short circuit of V1-16 is suitable for VW 4th generation smart, 5th generation card key, and it also supports the new A4L, Touareg A4, Q5 and A7 models.
Then insert GT105 into the OBD interface of the vehicle
Turn the key to the ACC
At this time, we can see that the meter is lit, and finally we can start to connect the key programmer (such as Lonsdor K518) to add new key.
godiag gt105 ecu programmerlonsdor k518s

Part 2: GODIAG GT105 Communication Detection

There are indicators of power, VPW, CANH, CANL, K-Line on the GT105 ECU box
After inserting the OBD interface of the vehicle
You must turn on the car’s ignition switch first, the power supply
Indicating that OBD communication sign is normal and it can be judged that this car belongs to the CAN protocol communication.

Part 3: GODIAG GT105 Power the Device

This function is convenient for outside rescue work.
The red clip of the power cord of GT105 is connected to the positive pole of the battery
The black clip of the power cord is connected to the negative pole of the battery
The other end is inserted into the device that needs to be powered (such as AUDI BCM2 adapter), then connect to the Xhorse Key Tool Plus.

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