GODIAG GT105 ECU Connector User Guide: Feature, Connection Diagram, Operating Video

GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD is a new OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector for short-circuiting OBD2 in the car for anti-theft activation matching, ECU diagnosis and programming connection, and drawing power from the vehicle’s battery for outdoor on-site vehicle maintenance. It’s a good choice for automobile maintenance technicians, anti-theft matching technicians, and ECU programming engineers, etc.
godiag gt105

GODIAG GT105 overview:
It comes with GT105 host, Power cord with battery clip and full protocol standard OBD2 cable.
There are 5 buttons on GT105 OBD ECU Connector.

  • GND 4-5: Short-circuit OBD2 PIN4-PIN5
  • V1-16: VW, AUDI, VAG series car activate anti-theft or wake up anti-theft system
  • T4-13: TOYOTA changes the engine ECU, the immobilizer ECU needs to be activated synchronously
  • M1-4: Mitsubishi remote control matching needs to be short-circuited
  • P3-7 : Old Porsche Cayenne key matching needs to be circuited

godiag gt105 immo prog

It is equipped with PWM+ (PIN2), CANH (PIN6), CANL (PIN14), K-line (PIN7) signal communication indicators. When there is data communication, the corresponding protocol indicator will flash, therefore the communication status can be judged and you can also determine whether the diagnostic programming device is able to communicate.
Check the indicator lights meanings as shown in the figure below.

GODIAG GT105 functions:
GODIAG GT105 functions

1. IMMO AD power adapter
Can be compatible with VVDI, OBDSTAR, AUTEL and other key programmers to program keys for Ford (2016-) all smart keys lost.

2.All car keys lost matching to wake up the meter or the anti-theft ECU.
Supports VAG 4th and 5th generation anti-theft, Toyota ECU synchronization, auxiliary Mitsubishi all keys lost matching or all lost remote control key setting, old Porsche Cayenne car for anti-theft key learning.

3.Judge the communication status between the vehicle and the diagnostic programming device.
When the customer uses the device to do the car and prompts there is no communication. The Godiag GT105 can be inserted into the car to detect whether there is communication between the car and the GT105. If the car and GT105 can communicate normally, the possible cause is the customer’s device cannot support the car model.

4. Provide 12V power supply for the key cutter (12V)
Can be used with Xhorse Key Tool Plus Pad, VVDI Prog, Xhorse Key Cutting Machine, CGDI Prog, IM608, etc.

5. Standard OBD2 full protocol ECU programming line.
Works with MPPS, FGTech, Kess v2, etc., for ECU data reading and writing, ECU clone, ECU tuning, etc.
Note: OBD2 full protocol ECU programming line is purchased separately.

The advantage of GODIAG GT105:
There is no need to hold the wire manually to short-circuit OBD. Some users cannot find the correct foot position, or short-circuit is wrong, will cause burning. Manual short-circuit needs to short-circuit the OBD at the back, however, it is not necessary to remove the plug by GT105.

GODIAG GT105 connection diagram:
GT105 connection diagram

How to use GODIAG GT105?
GODIAG GT105 Charges Xhorse Dolphin with 12V DC from Car Battery

GODIAG GT105 charges VVDI key Tool Plus via car battery

GODIAG GT105 with VVDI Key Tool Plus program key to 2016 Mitsubishi


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