GODIAG GT105 ECU Connector Review: Good Assistant for Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus

GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD is safe and easy to operate for IMMO, and can draw power from car battery and converting it into a DC12V power supply for diagnostic equipment. Let’s see how it works with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus.
gt105 connect diagram

  • Charge VVDI key Tool Plus by Car Battery

When you need power outdoors, GODIAG GT105 can help you provide 12V power supply for your VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, so as to read the data of BMW BENZ anti-theft ECU, or other car ECUs, and finally realize the on-site maintenance of outdoor faulty vehicles.

Step 1: Use the Power cord with battery clip of GODIAG GT105 to clamp the positive and negative terminals of a car battery
-The Red battery clip is used to connect with the negative battery.
-The black battery clip is used to connect with the positive battery.

Step 2: Connect the other end of the wire harness to the VVDI Key Tool Plus adapter

Then it can provide the power supply.


  • Program new key to 2016 Mitsubishi car with VVDI Key Tool Plus

GODIAG GT105 supports all car keys lost matching. It can wake up the meter or the anti-theft ECU. (Support VAG 4th and 5th generation anti-theft, Toyota ECU synchronization, auxiliary Mitsubishi all key lost matching or all lost remote control key setting, old Porsche Cayenne car for anti-theft key learning.)

For all Mitsubishi key lost matching or remote matching, it is necessary to shortcircuit PIN1-PIN4. Press the M1-4 button and keep the other buttons up. Complete the remote control synchronization through other remote control matching devices.

Step 1: Copy the 46 chip
Identify the original key chip info>> collect data>> Decrypt the original car key>> write the data into the new key

Step 2: Generate remote
Write the program into the sub-machine according to the corresponding model
Step 3: Plug the GODIAG GT105 into the vehicle’s OBD port

Press M1-4 button on the GT105
Press the Auto central control switch on the car three times

Press the key to generate remote

Then press the original key

Finally, test the new key remote.

GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD OBDII Break Out Box ECU Connector: