How to do All Keys Lost Matching with GODIAG GT105?

Godiag GT105 can work with VVDI, OBDSTAR, AUTEL and other IMMO key programmers to program keys on Ford 2016- all smart keys lost. It also supports VAG 4th and 5th generation anti-theft, Toyota ECU synchronization, auxiliary Mitsubishi all key lost matching or all lost remote control key setting, and old Porsche Cayenne car for anti-theft key learning. Check how to release the IMMO status and match keys properly.

GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD comes with GT105 host, Power cord with battery clip and full protocol standard OBD2 cable (the cable needs to be purchased separately).
godiag gt105

GODIAG GT105 OBDII ECU Connector Structure introduction:
GT105 Connector Structure introduction:

(1) OBD2 male connector: used to connect the car OBD2 diagnostic interface.
(2) OBD2 female connector: used to connect diagnostic programming equipment.
(3) Pow power indicator VPW CANH CANL K-Line protocol indicator: used to determine whether the device or vehicle is communicating.
(4) GND4-5, V1-16, T4-13, M1-4, P3-7 function keys
(5) GND4-5, V1-16, T4-13, M1-4, P3-7 function keys, corresponding indicator lights
(6) DC power input interface
(7) Battery to DC output jack
(8) Battery negative clip
(9) Battery positive clip

Guide to do all smart keys lost matching by GODIAG GT105:
For all keys lost matching, you need to disconnect the car battery, connect it to the negative pole of the battery through OBD5, and connect the 16 pins to the positive pole of the 12v battery.

When all the keys are lost, the vehicle is in the alarm state, and the key programmer cannot be used to match. If you want to match the keys, you must release the IMMO state.

Steps to release the IMMO status:
Take Xhorse Key Tool Plus as an example.
Step 1: Enter the IMMO matching option of VVDI Key Tool Plus, and prepare 2 VVDI smart card keys
Enter all keys lost options for Ford new Mondeo after 2016

Step 2: Confirm whether the car is IMMO activated, and do it directly without IMMO (no need to power off the battery, etc.)
If the vehicle has entered IMMO state, follow the steps below.

  • Disconnect the positive pole of the battery as prompted by the device, and then connect the vehicle battery with the GT105 power adapter cable

Please note:
The positive wire harness should not be short-circuited with the vehicle. (GT105 internally implements PIN5 grounding, and PIN16 provides 12V power supply)In the process of key matching, the external 12V power supply is always maintained, no need to disconnect.

The instructions of all car keys lost matching keys:

  • Wake up the meter or wake up the IMMO ECU

A. Porsche and VW 4th-generation smart, 5th-generation card keys (such as the new A6L Touareg A4, Q5, A7)
Light up the instrument, and the key matching tool is connected for data collection. Some vehicle instruments do not light up, but data collection can also be performed, such as A6L, Q7

B. Toyota replaces the engine ECU, the IMMO ECU needs to be synchronized, or some key matching devices need to short-circuit PIN4-PIN13 to match the Toyota car all keys lost.
Please pressT4-13, and keep the other buttons up, the corresponding LED lights are on
Then insert the car OBD2 to complete the matching.

C. For all Mitsubishi key lost matching or remote matching, it is necessary to shortcircuit PIN1-PIN4.
Please press the M1-4 button, and keep the other buttons up. Complete the remote control synchronization through other remote control matching devices.

D. For the IMMO key learning of the old Porsche Cayenne, you need to short-circuit PIN3-PIN7 of the OBD2 diagnostic interface.
Please press the P3-7 button, and keep the other buttons up.

Learn more functions of GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD: