2022 Godiagshop.com 11.11 Super Deals: Best Price for Hottest Items

Godiagshop.com 11.11 super deal is valid from Nov. 1st to Nov.12th, 2022. Enjoy the best price for the hottest items (Godiag GT100, GT105, GT107, V600-BM, PCMTuner…). Don’t miss out on a good deal.

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All 11.11 super deal products are here: https://www.godiagshop.com/producttags/1111-super-deals.html


Hot-selling Godiag tools:

It covers the Godiag mileage tool, auto tool, diagnostic scanner, and power probe…


1.GODIAG Mileage Tool:


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Latest price: US$549.00

Buy Now: US$511.00 (7% off)

US Ship Free Shipping

One Year Free Update Online


What’s the function?

Read/Write Odometer, Read/Write Flash, Read/Write EEPROM for wide vehicle coverage

Mileage Correction Highlights:

  • FORD F150 2019 /EDGE 2020 SPC5604+2432 /EXPLORER 2017
  • BUICK REGAL 2017- /VELITE 5 2017

Note: If you also need key programming function, you can buy Godiag GD801 Full Version.


2.GODIAG Auto Tools:

GODIAG GT100 OBD2 ECU Connector

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Latest price: US$89.00

Buy Now: US$79.00 (11% off)

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

GODIAG GT100 is an automotive fault diagnostic tool that is mainly used for changing automotive diagnostic OBD stitch to signal judgment level transfer. It can connect with any diagnostic instruments and judge whether car communication is normal. Also, it can supply car power during replacing the battery, in order to prevent the body’s electrical equipment locked automatically.


GODIAG BMW FEM BDC Test Platform for Bench Connection

2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale4

Latest price: US$49.99

Buy Now: US$44.99 10% off

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

  • GODIAG BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform is a dedicated device developed for BMW locksmiths, maintenance engineers and FEM/BDC programming engineers.
  • Work with Xhorse VVDI2/Key Tool Plus Pad, Autel IM608, CGDI BMW etc.
  • Support FEM/BDC BMW F20 F30 F35 X5 X6 I3


GODIAG GT100+ BMW CAS4 CAS4+ and FEM BDC Test Platform

2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale5

Latest price: US$199.00

Buy Now: US$185.00 (7% off)

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

  • With GODIAG GT100+, can support communication detection and ECU maintenance/ diagnosis/ programming/ coding, will make your work simpler and easier, save your time and money.
  • With GODIAG BMW CAS4 CAS4+ Test Platform, can support All Key Lost, Add New Key, Synchronize Test and Troubleshooting.
  • With GODIAG FEM BDC Test Platform, can support to program new key when all keys lost, can add new key to BMW FEM BDC vehicle on bench.
  • Can work with most device to do test, will make your operation much easier , such as Xhorse vvdi2, Autel IM608, Launch Scanner, Vident Scanner, and so on.



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Latest price: US$34.99

Buy Now: US$33.00 (6% off)

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

  • Indicate data communication.
  • Activate/wake up instrument or immo ECU when all keys lost.
  • Converter power source from a battery to a DC 12V power supply.


Godiag GT105 Plus GT107 ECU IMMO Kit

2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale 7

Latest price: US$59.99

Buy Now: US$56.00 (7% off)

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

  • Read/write DSG Gearbox Data
  • To read and write DQ250, DQ200, VL381, VL300, DQ500, DL501 Gearbox TCU
  • Read/write DSG gearbox data with PCMTuner module 58/KESS v2/KTM bench etc
  • GT107 Has Auto and Manual selection for PCMFlash software


GODIAG GT107 with GT105 + OBD2 Jumper Cable + PCMtuner

2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale 8

Latest price: US$509.00

Buy Now: US$429.00 (16% off)

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

  • GT107 Work for DQ250, DQ200, VL381, VL300, DQ500, DL501 and Compatible with PCMTuner, Kess V2, PCMFlash, KTMBench etc
  • OBD2 jumper Breakout Tricore Cable is used to connect ECU for ECU programming via OBD2 way such as MMPS, FGTECH, KESSV2, BYSHUT, DISPROG, PCMtuner, Vident iAuto 702pro etc.
  • PCMtuner is a customized read-write device specially used for vehicle engine control system (ECU) and transmission control system (TCU). It can support OBO (bus reading and writing), BENCH (read and write without opening ECU or TCU box), BOOT (read and write with open mode).


V1.2.7 PCMtuner with 67 Software Modules

2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale 9

Latest price: US$449.00

Buy Now: US$379.00 (16% off)

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

With a VR server for all legal users

Fast read and write, with the helpdesk to support the tuner

Supports connection by OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes

67 Modules in 1, supports tune file, adblue , scr ,dpf , vmax, stage1 3, popbangs

Newly Added 44 new protocols, Bosch ECU Read and Write without opening the shell


3.GODIAG Power Probe

GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe

2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale 10

Latest price: US$69.99

Buy Now: US$65.00 (7% off)

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

It is a multi-use circuit tester with built-in diagnostic power.

GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe + Car Power Line Fault Finding + Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing + Relay Testing Car Diagnostic Tool


4.GODIAG Diagnostic Scanner


2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale 11

Latest price: US$189.00

Buy Now: US$179.00 (5% off)

US/UK/EU Ship Free Shipping


What’s the function?

  • All in one Comprehensive Diagnostic & Maintenance Service Tool, Meet All your needs!
  • Support 29 kinds of available Reset services, no longer have to worry about high maintenance costs.
  • Support more than 80 American, Asian and European vehicles makes for an easy and quick diagnosis


V2022.9 GODIAG V600-BM with HDD

2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale 12

Latest price: US$199.00

Buy Now: US$185.00 (7% off)

Free Shipping


What’s the function?

  • GODIAG V600-BM Diagnostic Head is for BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce BMW-Model. Support WIFI. Works OK with the Internet and Printer.
  • With BMW 1TB Software HDD, allows you to use a laptop directly.


GODIAG V600-BM with V2022.9 BMW SSD Software on Lenovo T410 Laptop

2022 godiagshop.com 11.11 sale 13

Latest price: US$479.00

Buy Now: US$429.00 (10% off)

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