Audi A6 2012 Change Mileage: GODIAG GD801 or GODIAG GD801 ODOMASTER?

Q: I want to change mileage on my Audi a6 2012. 4g c7, which GODIAG tool can do it? GODIAG GD801 or GD801 ODOMASTER? engineer replied:
Both GODIAG tools support. They can read and write KM for A6 2012. Just select “AUDI A6L 2009-2012” model to do. Check the newest Audi car list supported as below.

Brand Area MODEL Year Dash
board Type
Read KM Write KM Read EEPROM Write EEPROM Other function
AUDI ALL A1 2014.6- NEC+
AUDI ALL A3 2003-2006
AUDI ALL A3 2007-2010 Error Repair
AUDI ALL A3 2012-2014.06 MQB
AUDI ALL A3 2014.06- MQB
AUDI ALL A4 2002-2005 RB4
AUDI ALL A4 2006-2007 RB8
AUDI ALL A4L 2008-
AUDI ALL A5 2008-2012
AUDI ALL A5 2013-
AUDI ALL A6 1998-2004
AUDI ALL A6L 2004-2008
AUDI ALL A6L 2009-2012
AUDI ALL A6L 2012-
AUDI ALL A7 2010-
AUDI ALL A8L 2003-2006
AUDI ALL A8L 2007-2010
AUDI ALL A8L 2010-
AUDI ALL Q2 2014.06- MQB
AUDI ALL Q3 2014.6- NEC+
AUDI ALL Q5 2008-2012
AUDI ALL Q5 2013-
AUDI ALL Q7 2006-2008
AUDI ALL Q7 2009-
AUDI ALL R8 2007- Error Repair
AUDI ALL S5 2008-2012
AUDI ALL S5 2013-
AUDI ALL S8 2007-2011
AUDI ALL TT 2007-2010 Error Repair

Guide to change mileage:

It’s easy to adjust mileage.

  • Connect GODIAG GD801 to the OBD port of vehicle via main cable
    Turn on GD801 tablet and enter “Diag Program” function
  • Select “CLUSTER CALIBRATE” -> the corresponding car model->“Mileage Calibration”
  • Then follow the on- screen instruction to operate.

godiag gd801 godiag gd801 key programmer

So, which GODIAG tool is better to choose?
The main difference between them is that GODIAG GD801 (Item No. SK303) not only supports odometer Adjustment, but also can do immobilizer, EEPROM/PIC Adapter, OBDII diagnosis and some special functions incl. ABS, Gear Learning, CVT Reset, Battery Match, EPB, TPS, SRS Reset, Low Tire, Steering Angle Reset, DPF Reset, and Oil Nozzle Code.

However, GODIAG GD801 ODOMaster (Item No. SM68) is specially designed for
mileage correction, Oil service reset and OBD scan.

Therefore, GODIAG GD801 key programmer is expensive than GD801 ODOMASTER.
Just choose the one depending on your budget and the function you want to do.

GODIAG GD801 Key Programmer Supports Mileage Correction ABS EPB TPMS EEPROM Multi-Language:

GODIAG GD801 ODOMaster 7 inch Tablet OBDII Odometer Correction Tool with One Year Free Update Online: