How to Solve GODIAG V600 BM E-sys Program Cannot Identify Device after Firmware Update?

One customer gave feedback that after he updated his GODIAG V600 BM firmware, it didn’t show whether the upgrade is successful, and the E-SYS program also could not identify the device. engineer gave the related solution as below.
1.For the device didn’t show upgrade success info

There was an old version of GODIAG V600 that had this upgrade problem, but this bug had been solved by the factory. Please select the newest version to update, and it will not appear bug.

You can refer to this post to update your V600 BMW firmware.
Godiag V600 BM Register+ License &Firmware Update

2.For E-SYS program could not identify the device
You need to set up IP.
Go to “Open Connection”
Select this option- Connection via ICOM/Ethernet (tcp://
Then click “Connect”

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