CAS4 IMMO / Mileage via OBD with ACDP + Godiag GT100 Plus

Godiag GT100 Plus is essentially a Bench breakup box that allows you to connect many different devices to this breakout box, today I have my Yanhua Mini ACDP programmer and I also have a Godiag CAS4 test platform hanging outright the CAS4 module,  GT100 Plus is really cool because I can modulate a lot of things.

Let’s turn GT100 Plus on, we can see voltage, we can run other lines off here, we can see CAN Line and all different great stuff, so we’ll turn it fully on so that’s turning on the car, so we have 12V (30), 12V (15) and we can see the voltage of everything. we can see that this power up and we can just use it to do a bunch of different awesome things you can use it in car as well, there’s an additional OBD2 port right here so you can plug this into the car. Really, just do some awesome things in terms of bench setup and programming and stuff like that.

I’m gonna use my Yanhua Mini acdp right here it’s plugged in over OBD so think that I’m using this as an OBD setup at the moment.

So we will connect, all right so we’re connecting the ACDP is connected, this is all set, everything is on, we can see functions so we’ll go under CAS4 and the really cool thing is so I’m able to have a test bench without actually having a car of OBD, sometimes these test bench that you use for the CAS modules require you to use ICP but this is awesome, so I can basically use this over OBD which we can do this “special functions”.

Check out key information, we can read the CAS module, we can check all the keys, but in this case, we’re going to click on the “OBD detect”, okay and we are reading the CAS information all over OBD inside the house, which is awesome, basically you don’t have to worry about the car dying anything like that because we have direct 12 volts, we can see some information about it.

We can add a key if we want, we can reset mileage, we can Sync code lost repair which is pretty cool. Again, we don’t really need this,  so one thing that we might want to do is read your CAS data, maybe module update module, reset the start or modify the ISN, so it’s really cool in this case, we are going to backup the Dflash, the Dflash is what you’d use to make a key so we’re going to make a key we could do this all over OBD, check out what’s going on, so all the information continue.

And it is reading the CAS data and super quick too at that, so that is awesome that we’re able to read the CAS data super quick.

And the other thing that we can do that we can also use Colorful Jumper Cable DB25 which you can see, while it’s reading these are all the pinouts, you can use to read ECU if you wanna read ISN number, so we’ll do that after again we’re going to save that and there we go look how fast it read that that is crazy.

The other things like we want to reset the mileage again all done over OBD as we see everything there, press “OK”, need to disassemble dashboard, modify the mileage first and after we set up, and it’s resetting the mileage, mileage was reset, look how cool that was.

The other thing that we can do is we can check on the vehicle key information, I don’t have a key in here, so I actually don’t know if that’s gonna work, let’s see yes we see everything they’re reading key list, so at least we’ll get a key list and see what is actually set to this, so this is actually a clone version of my personal CAS, so we can see that I have my two keys, and these are the two keys that I program, so that’s really cool, I guess we gotta select one that was the first key program.

And yeah, so we can recover coding data, we can update the module, delete transport mode, reset starter motor, that’s a big thing that the starter motor needs to be reset in a lot of these, but if we want to do an upgrade, we can upgrade the module which is really cool all over OBD and again without risking the car because all are outside of the car, so Godiag GT100 Plus is really a good test bench tool to have, we can pick whatever version of software that we want to put on here and update it we’re not going to mess with that because there’s no need.

But that’s what I want to show you using a key programmer, but now we are going to go back and actually try reading it ECU and try reading the ISN number and see how that goes. So I’ll catch you on some repaired back but so far this is awesome, it’s doing everything that should, we want to run leads to different modules, we could if we have any like a line or anything like that but we’re going to use this because it will just route right through easy peasy, so let’s do that, and then I’ll be back alright, so then test platform is now set up to read the DME as you can see I have all the wires right here right down here and here all the extras that I didn’t use obviously you’ll need certain ones for your ECU, and I can read it with ACDP, gonna test and connect the engine and it’s reading it does take a little bit, so I’m going to stop it, but it will read it just because it’s decrypting the ISN number and it does take a little bit depending on the DME you’re using, but it’s awesome that you can do all of this through this GT100 Plus test platform, I really like this test platform, it works great, it’s easy to use I really like that I can toggle different power when I need to. So depending on what you wire up here.

So if you look here a good example. Some of them will say 12 volt, yeah so this says that but regardless some will say 12V (30) and some will say 12V (15) so that’s when it turns on it depends, so this is 12V (30) so that means even if I turn on 12V (15). I wouldn’t get power to that one lead until I hit 30. So that’s really cool that I can have different things controlled that way and GT100 Plus makes it really useful for what I do for programming and cloning and stuff like that.