Ford Airbag Reset by OBDSTAR with Godiag GT105 and Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper

Godiag GT105 and Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper can reset airbag on Ford with OBDSTAR airbag reset tool (such as P50, OdoMaster and X300 DP Plus). Here takes OBDSTAR P50 as an example. The OBDSTAR P004 airbag reset kit can be replaced by Godiag Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper.


Learn some knowledge before resetting airbag.

1. Why design Godiag full protocol cable?

Because engineers need to define other PINOUT for different cars when designing the program.

Connect GODIAG tricore cable to the corresponding ECU, works with a diagnostic tool to do fault code reading, coding, data processing, and data repair.

i.e. Mercedes W215 airbag (Bosch 0285001467)

When communicating with individual air bag modules, it is necessary to connect PIN13 of GODIAG full protocol Line with K-Line 7.


2. Why should the airbag module be removed from the car? It can be operated directly on the car.

Because in the car, it is suggested that the airbag module is short-circuited, it needs to be removed to judge whether it is short-circuited.  And sometimes there’s no communication.  Communication is normal after being removed and connected with godiag full protocol.


3.There must be many old cars or cars with special interfaces that many devices cannot connect to. 

Then it is very convenient to separate the module for maintenance and diagnosis.  Some engineers are specialized in repairing a module.  Then he needs to switch the connection.


The test:

Ford airbag reset by OBDSTAR P50 and Godiag GT105 with Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper

Car info: Ford Focus MK2 2007-/C-MAX 2006-

Airbag ECU model: 4M5t14b056

ford airbag reset by obdstar godiag gt105 obd2 cable 1

Step 1: Make sure the connection diagram is correct

Connect Godiag Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper and airbag ECU depending on the definition

Confirm the ECU terminals are connected correctly

Connect the 120 ohms CAN protocol resistor again

Connect the ECU dedicated regulated power supply

Connect Godiag GT105, tricode cable, and P50 airbag reset tool

Turn on the analog ignition switch to check whether the ECU can send CAN protocol communication

ford airbag reset by obdstar godiag gt105 obd2 cable 2

Step 2: reset airbag

Go to the airbag reset function, select Airbag Reset the newest version, then Auto Search Part Number

Manually input the part number of the ECU which can be found on the ECU’s label.

Confirm the value entered is correct.

Select the related airbag ECU model in the list

Read ECU information (VIN)

ford airbag reset by obdstar godiag gt105 obd2 cable 3

Read out two DTCs

ford airbag reset by obdstar godiag gt105 obd2 cable 4

Then go to the advanced function to read EEPROM data and save it in case of data loss caused by a wrong operation.

ford airbag reset by obdstar godiag gt105 obd2 cable 5

Follow the on-screen instruction to turn off power for 30 seconds and turn it on again

Erase crash data with the EEPROM data saved in the last step

Write EEPROM data

Erase DTC

Read DTC again to check if the fault code disappear