Godiag GD101 J2534 Passthru Cable Review in 2024

Here are some new customer reviews about Godiag GD101 J2534 Passthru Cable.

godiag gd101 j2534 review in 2024

Review 1:

I tested godiag j2534 on Renault CLiP ok, Toyota Techstream ok.


Review 2:

Godiag GD101 cable works OK with Nissan as passthru to read codes from all modules, received it in 10 days.


Review 3:

It works for me on Renault CAN-Clip versions +v214 (intended for passthru j2534).


Review 4:

I use this Godiag gd101 adapter daily on my workshop.

I can do online programming with odis and adaptation.

I can use it with benz diagnostic tool.

Also work perfectly with honda i-hds, nissan consult, techstream, gm2, pcmflash!

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