Godiag GD101 J2534 Feedback: Work with ODIS-S V23 OK

Here share a new Godiag GD101 J2534 user feedback:

This godiag tool can be as J2534 passthru, and works well with ODIS-S V11, ODIS-S V23 (since firmware 1.9).

GODIAG GD101 works like a charm, with latest ODIS E (14) and ODIS S (23)!

I updated some modules without any problem.

Even ECU (MED9.1) it takes 7 minutes!

I do mistake with ABS software (3C0614109A) and I recovered it.

Godiag provides firmware updates (Software 1.20, firmware 1.10) and software (with activators).

Also tested on Renault CAN-CLiP ok, Toyota Techstream ok, xentry xpt ok.

godiag gd101 j2534 work with odis s v23 1

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