GODIAG GD101 J2534 Review: Works Great with FORScan

GODIAG GD101 J2534 diagnostic cable works between diagnostic software and vehicle. It has the similar functionality as Tactrix Openport 2.0., and can be compatible with J2534 Passthru and ELM327. Many customers have received this cable and give feedback. They say it’s portable and easy to use, works well with FORScan software, etc.


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Review 1: Well design and does exactly what it’s supposed to

This godiag j2534 cable is exactly what I needed to connect my usb vag com obd-II interface to my Lincoln’s connector. All is right and good in the diagnostic world now. Well worth the money for the hardware. Durable and small enough to wrap up and put in the glovebox or tool case.


Review 2: One of the best investments I’ve made

The Godiag USB cable is a good length and works like a charm one. The key for me was to plug it in to my car first then hook up to the laptop and then it downloaded and extracted the zip file and worked flawlessly. I was able to read the abs code my crown Vic had for a faulty abs module. Also please be sure to save a file of your OEM settings before making any changes or you’ll regret it if you make a mistake.


Review 3: Great for DIYers

I have used several Bluetooth and wireless ODB II connectors in the past. They work well but you have to worry about the connection dropping. Using this practically eliminates that issue.


I only had to use the drivers from the website to get this up and running on my laptop. I use other 3rd party software to interface and it worked flawlessly for me.


For the average DIYer, this is everything you should need to get any codes so you can diagnose your vehicle problems. Also, you are able to clear any stored trouble codes. Another thing you can do is, is the proper software, view live data being streamed from your car.

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Review 4: Easy to use with Windows Laptop

This godiag j2534 cable was super easy to use with a Windows based laptop. There are tons of free software you can choose from for OBDII in Windows. I like that you can save your data and mattering the software, export to excel for your records.


Review 5: J2534 OBD2 USB dongle at a great price

I ran Toyota’s Techstream with this godiag j2534 dongle and it worked just fine. Just be careful when downloading files from godiag’s website as I detected malware. For example when I downloaded Techstream archive, there was a drivers folder containing malware. Ignore that drivers folder as the only driver you need is Godiag J2534 Nano Device Driver from godiag.com tech support page. Just be cautious, have your virus scanner on and you’ll be golden.

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Review 6: It works!

This Godiag USB cable allows you to hook up a laptop to the OBD2 port on a vehicle. I used this specifically for Forscan. It works okay for now. It seems to be well made, too.. although it’s a light plastic shell over the OBD2 plug. I can’t imagine going too hard on this tool, though.


Review 7: Works great!

I tinker with working on cars and was looking for something better than the cheap wireless models you can find all over the place. But I didn’t want to spend hundreds to get a professional tool. This fits the bill. Included in the packaging is a link to download the application they recommend using with this godiag j2534 tool. There are others as well if you search. This works great for a basic reader and can clear codes. It also allows a few more features than a standard scanner, with the right software. I wanted something that I could read with my old eyes. This connects to a laptop to use the tool. I have several older laptops that I use specifically for my auto repairs in my workshop. I have a rolling cart to keep the laptop on and I can just roll it out to the car, then use this to connect and sit down to review everything on a bigger screen. So far I have used it with a Windows 10 x64 system and it works good. I am not sure about other operating systems.


Review 8: Works with FORScan

Tested with FORScan Windows version. 2015 F250 and 2020 Explorer, godiag j2534 cable worked with both. Solid connection at a reasonable price. I would guess that the seller is correct and it will work with other software and vehicle combinations that also use ELM327. The device appears to be well constructed and works as stated.


Review 9: Does what is suppose to with no issue

Got this as my wifi obd went out and nothing else was compatible with my forscan app. The direct connection is instant compared to the wifi one, it takes just a few seconds and it’s giving me all the info needed. i got it for my phone but with probably start using my laptop as well.


Review 10: Very handy

Works great very handy. I really only bought this godiag cable to use with the program called forscan which is simply just for Ford vehicles that allows you to do a lot of different things, but works best using a PC so even though I already had a Wi-Fi wireless version essentially of this, I needed a USB one in this works great highly recommended and great price.


Review 11: Great value for money

Honestly, almost any OBD2 scanner can provide you with diagnostic codes. But not all can give you direct access to your modules and allow you to customize the settings in a way that makes you, well, you. BUT! You can do that with FORScan and the GODIAG USB Adapter.

ForScan is quite powerful and if you don’t know what you are doing, or you don’t pay attention, you can screw up your vehicle. You will need to scan your vehicle for the various modules, highlight the one you wish to update, and then press the programming button (a small triangle pointing to the right at the bottom of ForScan) to generate the setting codes which you will then be able to modify and write. When you do click the button to perform the data write it will tell you the checksum is not correct. Continue anyway and it will reset the checksum to the proper value.

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Thanks to all customers’ feedback!