Godiag GD201 Software Update Guide (Newest)

Customer problem:

The Godiag GD021 obd2 scanner worked fine, but I couldn’t download and update. Your instructions tell us to log in to your godiag.exe, but it is not accessible. It defaults to 404.

You tell me to refer to the memory card in the module, but I didn’t find a slot on my computer either. The scanner is fine, but it’s no use to me if I can’t connect to updates.

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Here is the solution offered by godiagshop.com engineer:

Please download Godiag Updater Tool on your computer, and connect Godiag GD201 to the computer via USB cable to run it.

Note: The memory card of GD201 is built in, just use USB directly.

Then go to create an account, bind your tool with the account, and update tool.

Reference: https://www.godiagshop.com/service/how-to-do-register-and-update-godiag-gd201-gd202-gd203.html


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