GODIAG GD203 Review: Package, Menu Function, OBDII Test

GODIAG GD203 provides ABS/SRS system diagnosis, OBDII/EOBD+CAN functions, and 28 special functions to the workshops, technicians and enthusiasts. It is available with 17 languages available and supports Lifetime free updated online.

GODIAG GD203 package:
1pc x GD203 Scanner
1pc x Cipher paper
1pc x USB cable
1pc x Test line
1pc x English version of instruction manual
1pc x Multilingual Quick Guide
godiag gd203 packing list

GODIAG GD203 menu function overview:
The main menu function contains ABS&SRS, OBDII, Maintenance, PlayBack, Setup and Update.

  • Maintenance: 28 special functions

ABS BLEED, AT Adaption, Airbag, Ajuste A/F, BRT, Change language, Change Tire, Clutch adaptation, DPF, EGR Reset, EPB, Evap Test, Gearbox, Gear learn, Headlight, Immobilizer, Injector, OilReset, Prime fuel pump, SAS, Seat Match, Sunroof, Suspension, TCM Oil Reset, TPMS, TPS, Turbo and Windows Door
gd203 diagnostic scannergodiag gd203 diagnostic scanner

Note: GD203 doesn’t support odometer correction.

  • Setup

This function covers 7 options incl. Language, Unit, Beep Set, Keyboard Test, Lcd Test, About and Data Record. It’s the same as GODIAG GD201& GD202.

GODIAG GD203 OBDII function test:
e.g. test Live data
It can quickly detect the system status.
godiag gd203 scanner

Enter the diagnostic menu
Select Live Data
Read Live Data successfully within 10s
Click ‘Complete List’ to see the details
godiag gd203

In conclusion:
GODIAG GD201, GD202, GD203 are professional and comprehensive handheld diagnostic tools. They are target different group of car owners and give great help on your road.

  1. Similarities:
  • Come with the same hardware configuration
  • Available with 17 languages

English, German, French, Thai, Russian, Polish, Korea, Japanese, Swedish, Hungarian, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

  • Can be updated online by connecting to computer via USB cable (Lifetime free update)
  • All support OBDII function, cover 10 options incl. System Status, Read Codes, Erase Codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness, O2 Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, Component Test and Vehicle info.


  1. Differences:

Support all system diagnosis+ 29 special functions (incl. odometer)

Support Engine/Transmission/ ABS/ SRS 4 systems diagnosis+ 11 special functions

  • GODIAG GD203

Support ABS/ SRS 2 systems diagnosis+ 28 special functions

  • The price:

GODIAG GD202 and GD201 are the same (US$159.00 US/UK/CZ Ship)
GODIAG GD201 is US$249.00 US/UK/CZ Ship

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