Godiag GT100+ 2004 For Ranger intermittent Stalling issue Troubleshoot

At first look I thought about what was I getting myself into but after doing some research online are getting the pin layout of 2004 For Ranger that had an intermittent Stalling issue I was able to use wire the Godiag GT100+ between the ECM and the harness and using my cheep OBD2 Scanner determine that every time the engine stalled the ECM had stopped putting out injector pulses while all of the sensors were functioning properly.

The GT100+ was instromentle in determining that I had a bad ECM and not just a bad ground like everyone was telling me.
This tool looks intimidating at first glance but after playing around with it and seeing how good it work.
I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again when I have a mystery ECM trouble that an OBD scanner can’t detect.

In closing I would like to add that I wish the harness wiring was a bit more stout but after using it I quickly realized that they have to be this way to fit in the tight plugs that the factory use.

Thank you GoDiag for making such a good product I’m sure I will find many other uses for this unit.
[US/UK/EU Ship] [New Released] GODIAG GT100 + New Generation AUTO TOOLS OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector with Electronic Current Display