Godiag GT100+ OBDII Breakout Box Customer Reviews

Is Godiag GT100+ OBDII BreakOut Box worth buying? Good or not?

Here are some customer reviews for reference.


Review 1: Handy Tool for DIY’r!

I am a DIY’r maintaining 5 vehicles across my household. I’ve noticed the newest ones lose many of their settings (beyond just radio settings) with a battery replacement. Currently, we have 4 domestics and one Toyota so I’ve not yet run into one being immobilized due to a failed battery but that day may be coming. My main intent with this GoDiag OBD breakout box is to use it to safely maintain power to the car while I swap a failing battery. For that purpose, it is perfect. The added bonus are all the other features for diagnostics. I’m very happy with it.


Review 2: Work well with Micropod II

I’m using this Godiag GT100+ with a Micropod II for a Jeep PCM and the standard voltage that the included adapter puts out (11.9V) is not enough to keep the Micropod connected via USB. I got around this by putting my NOCO genius in supply mode and connecting it to the banana plugs to power it, which gives aa steady 13.9V. Micropod II connects fine then and doesn’t have constant Windows “connected” sound dropping in and out when using the 12V adapter. Other than that it’s working well, recommend it.

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Review 3: Amazing tool

This godiag gt100+ connector is a fantastic breakout box. Having made several of my own over the year’s getting to use a professionally made one is like night and day. The tuning possibilities are only limited by the secondary equipment you have, as well all breakout boxes, they require a lot of supplemental instruments to fully take advantage of them, along with a vast knowledge of automotive electronics and tuning. It’s a truly amazing tool, that can change the entire ability of you or your shop, provided you learn/ know how to use it, and have a few other tools and software that is dependent on your setup.


Review 4: Great tool

This unit paid for itself in its first use. I’m a dealership tech and as such, electrical diagnostics are a big part of that. I reside and work in Florida and we see quite a few lightning damaged vehicles where i am. It’s awesome to be able to pull a module and bench test it to see if it’s actually faulty or wiring is fried. This little unit comes with all needed to get started doing just that or, plug it into vehicle and go from there. Communication networks can be tricky at times to diagnose…this little godiag breakout box is a must have if electrical diagnostics are what you do…great product!


Review 5: Save DLC port and make job easy

I have been working on cars for many years. I sometimes would have to probe the DLC port to get readings and that would spread the pins over time. I just replaced the OBD2 on my oldest car for that reason. This godiag gt100 plus tool saves the port and makes it easy for me to probe and get readings, and jump pins if needed. It also shows the active lines in real time through the LED lights as it’s hooked up. Plus volts and amperage. I haven’t needed to program any ECU’s since I’ve had it. But I know it will be a lot easier with this. And the through port let’s me place my scan tool directly to perform multitasking test together. I recommend this for the mechanics at home .or in the shops.


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