GODIAG GT100 with VCDS Wakeup VW Virtual Cockpit Mileage

GODIAG GT100 with VCDS successfully wakes up VW Virtual Cockpit mileage. Only needs 3 minutes.

Connect all devices correctly as shown in the figure below
Turn on the Power and 12V (30) button on GT100

Then go running VCDS AKP software
Identify the current mileage is 76990

Click ‘VW wakeup’
Input the target mileage
Click ‘Mileage MQB VW’

Confirm to set the mileage to 77100 km

Wait a moment till the mileage is changed.
All right! VW Virtual Cockpit mileage has been changed by Godiag GT100 OBD2 Breakout Box!
The new mileage on the dashboard is 76993km.

So easy and fast!