GODIAG GT102 PIRT Power Probe Review

Godiag GT102 is a multi-use circuit-tester with built-in diagnostic power. It features in PIRT Power Probe + Car Power Line Fault Finding + Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing + Relay Testing functions. It’s easy and simple to use and carry. Here have collected some new customer reviews for reference.


Review 1: very good detector

This gt102 power circuit tester arrived in a timely manner after being purchased. It was packaged nicely and organized. The overall feel in hand is durable and has some nice gripping on the sides. It feels as if it can withstand some accidental drops and falls. The readings on circuits that power headlights and wipers etc all appear to be accurate on the screen. This device can help detect problems with fuel injection and assist with leading you in the right direction as far as what needs fixing when it comes to voltage readings with your vehicle. My son’s car wasn’t operating like a true 2.5 liter and gas seemed to be getting consumed a lot quicker. I kind of already knew there was an issue with fuel injection upon hearing of these symptoms but sure enough this device accurately detected such issue. A capable device for any mechanics tool box and overall a positive experience during usage.

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Review 2: It works!

This godiag gt102 is the first type of this product that I’ve ever owned, but I have used these before and have been using various multimeters for many years. Ordered this to add to my off-road toolkit for on-the-trail diagnostics when the inevitable breakdown happens, and I am thoroughly impressed with this unit. Are there cheaper units out there? Sure. But they lack in build quality and versatility. Need to test or clean a fuel injector? This can do that. What about easily testing relays? This has your back there, too. Need to just isolate a bad fuse or a failed light bulb? This can do that, too! It’ll read voltage, it’ll send positive OR negative voltage, and it has enough cable to do that all the way from the back end of your vehicle. While I hope to never need this, I am super glad to have it in my toolbag.

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Review 3: Best gadget you didn’t know you needed!

This gt102 power circuit tester is a pretty cool automotive tester. It combines a standard voltage probe with the ability to easily test component operation, identify ground, power, shorts and open circuits, and test continuity. It operates on any DC system from 6 to 40V, and the cables are long enough to use it anywhere on the vehicle. It includes a couple of special probe cables, one that is used to exercise and test relay operation and another that is used to test and clean fuel injectors (with the included cleaning adapters. There’s also a function that will identify ‘pulsed’ circuits like data lines.


I set it up on my bench supply to try everything out. I don’t happen to have a fuel injector but all the other test functions work well. The relay test function is cool – it drives the relay on/off rapidly and LEDs on the test probe light up when the relay is energized and when the normally open and normally closed leads are connected to common. This makes for a fun little lightshow when the relay is working properly.


It’s a handy addition to my toolbox and will get a lot of use over the years. Highly recommended!

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