Godiag GT103 Mini Pirt Electric Circuit Tester Customer Review

Godiag GT103 is a cost-effective and comprehensive mini pirt electric circuit tester which supports car power line fault finding, fuel injector cleaning & testing and relay testing car diagnosis. Many customers give feedback that GT103 comes with low cost but does a lot more than just a circuit tester with high quality.


Review 1: All encompassing power circuit test kit

This Godiag GT103 power circuit probe kit is quite accurate in all its readings. It was tested on an older vehicle that all electrical deficiencies were already well known to me. It matched all the readings from electrical system probe kit with a more well known brand name. This kit can test for a wide range of things on your automobile. Recently had to do a DC voltage test on my daughters car as her charging port wasn’t working to charge her phone. The range for this device is 6V up to 30V. The led light is in two colors and helps to identify a positive or negative circuit as far as testing polarity goes. I have also used this to test all of our car batteries and will be monitoring the older cars as winter approaches. Over a fully encompassing device your vehicles electrical system.

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Reviews 2: It does a lot more than just test a circuit!

I’ve got to admit that when I ordered this GT103 circuit tester I was looking to replace a 20 year light bulb circuit tester. I didn’t realize I was replacing a Ford Pinto with a Ferrari! A lot of the unit’s capabilities are over my head.


With that said, the box comes with 1 X Probe Scanner with 20ft(6m) cable, 1 x Probe Tip, 1 x Battery Hookup Clips, 1 x Fuel Injector Test Lead, 2 x Fuel Injector Clean Connectors, 5 x Relay Connection Leads, 1 x Relay Test Adapter , 1 x User Manual.

Note: This circuit tester can not be used for 110/220V systems, it is only used for DC 6-30V systems. Do not use on AC voltage. (From the product page.)


It can test circuits, test relays, test circuit overload, and test and clean fuel injectors. Admittedly, I’ll never use it for fuel injectors. I might use it for relays and circuit overloads. But, for testing circuits, it’s fantastic!


The included manual is actually pretty straightforward and very helpful. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be able to tackle any job designed for the tester. I was able to quickly do all of the things I expected from the tester. My vehicle has separate battery posts from the actual battery, so clipping the wires to the posts was a snap. From there, everything was easily managed with the probe and toggle switch.


My only critique of the tester is that nearly all of the cables are always attached. So, if you want to do just a quick test, you need to have a lot of wires hanging around while you do the test. Also, the wires are decently bulky and will impact the size of the space needed for storage, especially if you’re looking to store it in a tool chest.


I did watch the “how to” videos and read the whole manual. It all looks very impressive and “easy” to use. Although it’s a little more bulky than I’d anticipated, I’m sure I have a tester that will last me for the foreseeable future. I recommend.


Reviews 3: Better than a Power Probe

This godiag gt103 is by far my most used tool as a mobile mechanic. It fits nicely in hand, and it is well made and always accurate. The nice thing is too all Power Probe accessories that I have tried also work with this Autel probe. For the price, you can’t beat it. The most amazing feature of this Probe is the 20-foot jumper lead which you will not get from other products. This Power Probe is ideal for vehicle continuity testing, short circuit testing, and relay and component testing.  When you connect the power probe to the power source, you will get a multitude of tester right at your fingertips. It works on a 6-30V DC power source. I highly recommend it.

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Reviews 4: I fixed an electrical gremlin

I actually fixed an issue on my Harley that had been plaguing me for a year. I was able to track down the reason for my turn signals intermittently working to a bad ground in the rear of the bike. I was spending all my time up front. It’s helpful to be able to rule out issues and make you way to different connections. I had to watch some instructional videos on the name brand model to find the best way to trouble shoot but I got there. Awesome. Now on to the cars.


Reviews 5: A great tool for diagnosing electrical issues on old cars

I have only used this once so far. But the ability to feed power thru the probe. Mad it so much easier to find a bad connection that prevented the horns from working. Cleaned the terminal as well as the connector on the end of the wire at the horn. Saved me lots of time!


Reviews 6: Very useful item for the price, good quality

I bought this Godiag GT103 power probe because it was only $28 and the original power probe is around $180. This thing does exactly same thing as the original power probe attraction of the price. You can find out if circus are broken or not and most importantly you can give power to broken circuits to check where the continuity breaks. You can check light bulbs without actually removing them just by giving the power to the socket. It is so much better than a simple positive negative probe. It comes with an extra harness to check relays and injectors. I doubt that I will use it for the injectors but testing out the relays is a really cool idea. Whenever you hit a positive it lights up bread and negative lights up green just like original power probe which at first I thought it was the other way around. Power probe comes with a really long cable maybe about 20 ft. You can find YouTube videos on how to use this if you don’t know how but it’s one of the most useful things you will need in your garage when you work on a car. It will even help you find a bad ground. Whatever you touch it will show us nothing, ground or positive

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Reviews 7: Low cost probe that works well

This GT103 probe works fairly well, my only knock is getting used to the way the colored light system works. Keep the manual handy because you’ll need it to make sure you’re in the right mode. Outside of that it works as it should and is much cheaper than some of the alternatives.


Hope it helps!