How to Retrieve Godiag GD201/GD202/GD203 Login Password?

Customer problem:

I have a Godiag GD201 and have already registered, but I forgot the password to login. I need to find it back and install the software on another computer for use. How can I retrieve the password? engineer replied:

Please provide your device SN to our customer service to help reset the password.

If you have the same problem on your Godiag GD202 or GD203 diagnostic scanner, you also can ask for help from our customer service.


Kindly notice:

The login password is different from device register password.

The login password is used for registering a Godiag account. It’s a user-defined password, you can set it yourself.
godiag gd201 gd202 gd203 login password retrieve 1

While the register password is used for your Godiag GD201 /GD202 /GD203 tool activation. It’s a fixed code provided by the Godiag manufacturer.

godiag gd201 gd202 gd203 login password retrieve 2


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