Godiag V600 BM Failed to Update Software on ISTA+ Solution

Recently, one customer gave feedback that he can download ISTA+ software for Godiag V600 BMW diagnostic head, but cannot update normally.


The prompt message is below.

The connected vehicle has an unknown data status (works integration level: F010-14-11-502, actual integration level: F010-22-03-560).

This status cannot be processed with ISTA.

Make sure the latest version of ISTA has been installed or contact Technical support.

godiag v600 ista software update error solution 1


For this problem, godiagshop.com engineer offers the tech support below.

Godiag V600-BM with BMW Software HDD/SSD (incl. ISTA-D 4.32 ISTA-P 68.0.0008+ E-sys) can diagnose and program BMW car models.

Godiag V600 software only can be updated by E-Sys software, so you cannot use ISTA software to update.