Godiag V600-BM Frequently Asked Questions

Put together all of the Godiag V600-BM Frequently Asked Questions in this article, including software download, register a member, firmware update, Wifi pairing password, functions, comparison with VXDIAG VCX SE Diagnostic Tool for BMW etc.

Godiag V600-BM WIFI pairing password Required
About Godiag V600-BM what the WIFI pairing password, because my client still could not make his fugue with bmw software, tomorrow I will go to his workshop and I need this information, could pass me.

godiagshop.com replied:
Godiag V600-BM WIFI pairing password: 12345678

Godiag V600-BM Diagnosis function
I have a 2008 328xi bmw and 2012 535i and I want to program the 2012 535i headlight module and I wanted to code the 2008 328xi can Godiag V600 perform this job?
Answer: Yes, it can do.

Here is a video demo on GODIAG V600-BM Diagnostic Test with BMW ISTA-D Software:

Godiag V600-BM software download and register
This article is about Godiag V600-BM software download, register a member and

firmware update

Related question:
The app did not run on the BMW machine
Rode on another office machine
But you could send it in English because it’s in Chinese
And another detail had already registered me on godiag but says the password is wrong already changed and the application does not work
And on the site godiag.com works normally


  1. The user can directly register Godiag V600-BMsoftware on the client.
  2. When you download the software of Godiag V600-BM, please choose English not Chinese.
  3. Godiag V600-BMsoftware on mega:


What is the difference between Godiag V600-BM and VXDIAG VCX SE Diagnostic Tool for BMW?

1). made by two different companies (one is from Godiag, one is from VXDIAG);

  1. have different outlook
  2. Run with different driver.

Same functions for BMW (diagnosis, programming and coding).

To be updating…

For those that are not listed, please refer to Godiag V600-BM user manual.

Godiag V600-BM tech support https://www.godiagshop.com/