How to Synchronize Toyota ECU by Godiag GT105?

Godiag GT105 IMMO Prog AD can be used to short the pins on the OBD. When you change the Toyota engine ECU, the immobilizer ECU needs to be activated synchronously. Let’s see how to make this true with Godiag GT105.

godiag gt105 synchronize toyota ecu 1


The T4-13 pin is used for Toyota ECU Synchronization.

First, press T4-13 button on GT105

godiag gt105 synchronize toyota ecu 2

Then, turn on the ignition switch of Toyota

Next, insert the GT105 into the vehicle diagnostic interface

godiag gt105 synchronize toyota ecu 3

The lights on the dashboard can be seen flashing and the vehicle goes into sync.

godiag gt105 synchronize toyota ecu 4

That’s the feature of Godiag GT105. Easy and fast to use!


In addition to shorting Toyota 4-13, GT105 also supports short-circuit OBD2 PIN4-PIN5, Volkswagen and Audi 1-16. Some cars can also be grounded at 1-4 pin such as Mitsubishi cars, and old Porsche cayenne key matching short-circuit at 3-7 pin.


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