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Option 1: GODIAG GT100+ OBDII Break Out Box

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Price: US$109.00

US/UK/EU Ship, Free Shipping


  • ECU connection + OBDII Protocol Detector + Electronic Current Display
  • Compatible with tools from LAUNCH, AUTEL, FOXWELL, XHORSE, VXDIAG, CGDI…..
  • Add Current Display for ECU Module
  • Support more protocols like CANBUS, K-Line, PWM, VPW+, KWP2000
  • Support All Key Lost for Porsche, VW, Mitsubishi, etc

How to use Godiag GT100+?

Check the posts below:

BMW F20 116i FEM add key with Autel and Godiag GT100+ on Bench

Godiag GT100+ 2004 For Ranger intermittent Stalling issue Troubleshoot


Godiag GT100+ vs. GT100:

GODIAG GT100+ GT100 Pro and GT100 Breakout Box, any difference?


GODIAG GT100+ Review:

Durable Enough for Bench Testing/ Programming


Option 2: GT107 DSG Gearbox Data Read/Write Adapter

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Price: US$59.99

US/UK/EU Ship, Free Shipping


  • Read/write DSG Gearbox Data
  • To read and write DQ250, DQ200, VL381, VL300, DQ500, DL501 Gearbox TCU
  • Read/write DSG gearbox data with PCMTuner module 58/KESS v2/KTM bench etc
  • Has Auto and Manual selection for PCMFlash software

How to use Godiag GT107?

Read Godiag GT107 Gearbox Data Adapter User Manual

Works well with GT105 to read/write DSG gearbox data:

Godiag GT105+GT107 Diagnose and Read VW ECU Simos 18.1

Godiag GT107 and GT105 Read VAG DQ200/DQ250 with KESS V2/PCMTuner/ Tactrix Openport 2.0

Use Godiag GT107 Gearbox Adapter and Kess V2 to Read DQ200/DQ250 Data


Option 3: Godiag GT106 24V to 12V Heavy Duty Truck Adapter

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Price: US$19.99

Free Shipping


  • Convert the truck 24v K-Line communication protocol to 12v K-Line, prevent launch 12v diagnostic head from burning
  • Work with Launch X431 EasyDiag 2.0, Launch X431 EasyDiag 3.0, Golo Green Adition, M-DIAG, IDIAG, ICarScan, Diagun, GOLO, DBScar II

How to use Godiag GT106?

Check: GT106-24v-12v-truck-power-module-converter-manual


Option 4: GODIAG ODOMaster 7 inch Tablet

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Price: US$499.00

US/EU Ship, Free Shipping


  • Better than OBDSTAR X300M via OBDII
  • Multi function in 1: Read Odometer, Write Odometer, Read Flash, Write Flash, Read EEPROM, Write EEPROM
  • One-Click Upgrade, Wide Vehicle Coverage, multi-language support
  • One year free update online, after one year update cost $149

How to use Godiag GD801 ODOMaster?


GODIAG GD801 (ODOMaster) Register and Update Guide

How to Update Godiag GD801 /ODOMaster after One Year Free Update?

GODIAG GD801 ODOMASTER Mileage Correction Guide+ Car List

How to Change Language and Update Software on GODIAG GD801 (ODOMaster)?


Option 5: GODIAG V600-BM with SSD Software

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Price: US$269.00

Engineer Recommend, Free Shipping


  • Mainly designed for BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model
  • Support WIFI and works OK with the Internet and Printer
  • With ICOM 2022.12 SSD Software, allows you to use with laptop directly, and operate faster
  • Comes with ISTA-D, ISTA-P, Tool32, for BMW Coding, ISPI, INPA, E-SYS, WINKFP, NCS-Expert Tool, and you can directly run them
  • Compatible Protocol: J2534, CAN-FD, DOIP, D-CAN, ISO14230, ISO15765, IFH, K-line

How to use Godiag V600 BM?


Godiag V600 BM Register+ License &Firmware Update

BMW FEM/BDC Module Diagnosis by GODIAG V600 BM with BMW ICOM Software


GODIAG V600 BM Review:

Better than ICOM Next


Option 6: GODIAG GD101 J2534 Passthru Diagnostic Cable

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Price: US$24.99

US/UK/EU Ship, Free Shipping


  • Works with J2534 Passthru and ELM327
  • Has similar functionality as Tactrix Openport 2.0
  • Work on Windows 8/10/11, 32/64bit
  • Newest driver: V1.3, compatible with total 7 diagnostic software: Honda HDS 3.104.024, Toyota Techstream V18.00.008, JLR SDD V164, Forscan 2.3.48, Scanmaster V2.1, PCM-flash 1.2.0, VAG ODIS 9.1.0

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How to use Godiag J2534 and diagnostic software?

Refer to the following posts:

Free Download HDS TIS ODIS Forscan PCMFLash Scanmaster Software for Godiag J2534


Godiag J2534 Passthru review:

Works Great with FORScan