Which OBD2 Breakout Tricore Cable can Read ECU with Foxflash on Bench?


Hello, i would like to read the ecu on the table using obd with FoxFlash ECU programmer. A cable from mpps is enough, or is it better to add and buy a set with the possibility of changing pianos.

obd2 breakout tricore cable recommended 1

obd2 breakout tricore cable recommended 2

obd2 breakout tricore cable recommended 3


Suggestion 1:

It’s your choice. They all perform the same outcome.


Suggestion 2:

I use godiag. They are good and some nice features.

The godiag breakout box has 2 versions: GT100 and GT100+. They both show voltage, but the + version shows amps. Which comes in handy, and the breakout box comes with a pin out harness, so it will do it both ways you’re looking for.

Godiag also has a breakout cable- Godiag full protocol obd2 jumper, has a switch for 12v switched power and also a switch for pin 4/5 ground.

Both are good, but like I said the breakout box has the harness pin out also. It’s definitely worth $100.


Available links to get Godiag OBD2 Breakout box at godiagshop.com:

GODIAG GT100: https://www.godiagshop.com/wholesale/godiag-gt100-obdii-break-out-box-ecu-connector.html



GODIAG Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper Adapter: