Godiag GD203 Scan Tool FAQ

Here share some questions about Godiag GD203 scan tool and offer the related answers.

godiag gd203 faq


Q: Can GD203 reset SRS on honda accord 2018?

A: Yes.


Q: I have a 2003 Renault Clio2 1.5 DCi, and I want a scanner that communicates with the car engine module (UCM), which detects and erases fault codes and consequently turns off the injection light that is on. Does godiag gd203 support?

A: Yes.


Q: Which cars are covered by gd203 scanner? All 28 special functions are available?

A: Yes, 28 special functions are included.

For detailed vehicle coverage, check the  Godiag gd203 car list (scroll down to the bottom page).


Q: Does GODIAG GD203 have all system auto diagnosis function? Where I can do a complete read of the modules of the car (basically where I just put the make and model or let the tool scan it automatically and after it checks all the modules it gives me the errors that are on the car).

A: No. GD203 just support ABS/SRS diagnosis, but gd201 supports all system diagnosis.


Q: I want to buy a portable godiag diagnostic scanner, such as gd201, gd202, or gd203, but I don’t know how to choose, can you give me some advice?

A: GODIAG GD201 supports all systems diagnosis with 29 special functions (most expensive);

GD202 supports Engine/ ABS/ SRS/ Transmission four systems with 11 special functions;

GD203 supports ABS/SRS 2 systems with 28 special functions (cheapest).

All three godiag diagnostic tools support the same 17 languages and can be updated online for free for a lifetime. Click here to read more info.


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