Why Do You Need One Godiag Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction Book?

As we all know, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus is more and more popular in the market. It would be a combination of the VVDI2, VVDI MB and VVDI Prog 3 tools into 1. Not only can clone and generate the transponder/remote, program IMMO for ordinary cars and some luxury cars via OBD, but also works well with automatic key cutting machine to check the IMMO information of various models and watch the video operation.


Due to there are various operation items and functions involved in the VVDI Key Tool Plus, many practitioners cannot fully understand and master the functions, so they cannot apply all the functions of the device. In other words, if you don’t really master the function and operation guide of key tool plus pad, you may don’t know how to deal well with and repair the vehicle problems.


Therefore, GODIAG XHORSE KEY TOOL PLUS Practical Instruction is released to help Xhorse users or other locksmiths to fully understand the functions of the device and avoid risks during operation.


So, what can you do with GODIAG KEY TOOL PLUS Practical Instruction?

This book is divided into two volumes, a total of more than 900 pages.

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It covers the introduction of Key Tool Plus Pad, car IMMO knowledge, and Key Tool Plus usage skills. It also includes the frontline engineer’s real car key matching operation process and their summarized precautions so that it can provide the technical guidance for engineers who need to do IMMO matching and help them avoid operational errors.


In the book, you can learn the knowledge below and more.

  • IMMO programming: OBD Match
  • IMMO programming overview
  • IMMO programming: Password required
  • IMMO programming takes Toyota as an example, no password required
  • Precautions for OBD programming smart systems
  • Volkswagen Audi
  • Operation of IMMO OBD Volkswagen 1-2nd generation
  • Operation of IMMO OBD Volkswagen 3rd generation
  • The difference between Volkswagen 3.5 and 3 generations
  • IMMO OBD operation Volkswagen 4th generation
  • MQB 4.5 key operation guide
  • Matching of the Audi 8E type of vehicle
  • Matching of Volkswagen Audi KESSY system
  • Volkswagen 4th generation Magotan VVDI detailed steps
  • OBD Matching of MQB system
  • Matching of Volkswagen Audi 5th generation system
  • BMW
  • Write IMMO Data of BMW EWS system
  • BMW CAS1-CAS3+ Add Keys and AKL Operation
  • CAS4 and CAS4+ Add Keys and AKL Operation
  • FEM BDC Add Keys and AKL Operation
  • How to open the trunk of BMW G chassis
  • Repair after CAS3-4 data loss
  • E-series smart key position clearing
  • How to fix BMW CAS3+ with downgrade failure

godiag key tool plus practical instruction recommended 2

godiag key tool plus practical instruction recommended 3

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Who is recommended to own GODIAG Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction Book?

  • If you want to be a locksmith, this book can help you become an engineer.
  • If you have some technical, it can help you avoid the risk with correct operation guide and fix the problem. (for example, the ECU or IMMO data is lost due to your operation error, you can try to fix the data with the Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction Book)
  • If you are an ordinary engineer, it’s impossible for an engineer to remember the steps of every car. This book can help you become a senior engineer.
  • If you have other key programmer or key cutting machine such as CGDI, Yanhua, Autel brand, etc, this book also can help you solve the operation issue.

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