Why Choose Godiag Tool for Help ECU Cloning?

There are some Godiag tools designed to work with ECU Programmers to read and write ECU.

They are cheap and easy to use. Here are the reasons to use them.


Why use Godiag GT100/GT100+ and OBD2 Jumper?

Godiag GT100+, GT100, and GODIAG Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper can be used to connect ECU for ECU programming/cloning.

why choose godiag tool for help ecu cloning 1 why choose godiag tool for help ecu cloning 2

1. The ECU is removed from the car, and the diagnostic programming can only be transferred in this way. (incl. engine ECU, ABS, SRS, dashboard, body, gateway)

2. Sometimes, it needs to be converted to obd2 when reading/writing engine transmission with pcmtuner, foxflash, kess v2, etc.

Because the device can only power the ECU when it reads and writes data sometimes. GT100 and GT100+ can converse into obd2bench.

3. It also needs to connect to the ECU and short-circuit obd2 Pin when the engineer’s laboratory workbench design software and verify software.

There are labels on the Godiag tools and the cable. It’s simple and direct to operate with high-cost performance.

Why use Godiag ECU GPT Boot Adapter?

Godiag ECU Connector is compatible with J2534 devices and PCMFLash software to read and write ECU.

why choose godiag tool for help ecu cloning 3

The purpose is that customers who have an ECU Programmer only need to purchase PCMflash software, USB key or pcmtuner software, and USB key, so they can read, write, and backup ECU data. Only Scanmatik 2 PRO for PCMflash allows form GPT1, and GPT2 signals necessary to work with Module 71. Scanmatik OpenPort 2.0, Mongoose JLR, Mongoose Pro JLR, Teradyne GNA600 (VCM 1), and Mazda VCM 2 support OBD2 or BOOT 53 mode to read and write ECU data.

1. OBD2 Bench

2. Read and write ECU data via Bench GPT

3. Read and write ECU data via Boot mode, attach resistor board, and collect wiring diagram- download link.


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