2023 Godiag GD101 J2534 Customer Review

Have are some 2023 customer reviews of Godiag GD101 J2534 Passthru Cable.


Review 1: I am able to do more with this and my laptop then with my old scanner

I’ve been in the car business for twenty years and have had multiple scanners. I’ve had expensive ones and expensive ones and everything in between. I was speaking with a computer programmer who told me that this is the way to go because there is software that can ally you to do more. The godiag j2534 scanner looks well built and six foot cable usb plug and even has a software then it comes with.

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Review 2: Easy to use

Downloading software to laptop and getting this godiag j2534 cable to communicate with a vehicle was easy. It allows you to look up tons of useful information about the vehicle making diagnostics easier.


Review 3: Works as Advertised

Used this godiag j2534 usb cable in conjunction with Forscan and so far have had no issues. Decent cord length and no issues connecting to the OBD port in my cars.


Review 4: Beyond just OBD2

I used this godiag gd101 j2534 cable as a data logger on my car, which I’ve been running with a warped head for the last five months. This let me monitor the engine in real time, but I thought paying attention to the road was slightly more important and just reviewed the logs later to keep an eye on if the engine was going to explode or anything like that.


Other bluetooth ELM327 devices have connection issues and rely on vehicle power, so just turning the car off can cause loss of connectivity and be annoying. This just works. Running off USB is much more stable and I can see data from immediately after starting my car which gives me a better picture of what’s going on.


This is a great tool for anyone that really wants to do more with their vehicle than just decorate your driveway.


Review 5: Works with HDS

The drivers for this were easy to find and install, and it doesn’t seem to ever have an issue detecting my car with HDS. Any of these knockoffs will use the same exact cheap parts and this godiag cable is the cheapest I’ve been able to find and it’s worth the money. The only thing I can suggest as far as an improvement would be is to make the cable detachable.


Review 6: Works with MB XEntry passthru

Works with MB Xentry passthru so that is why the 5 stars. The GD101 driver can be obtained from the Godiag website. Would have been nice to have an indicator light though. The base J1979 software didn’t seem to be able to connect to any cars including a Nissan even though when trying to connect it would show the voltage.


Review 7: Best price and quality actually works!!!!

It’s hard to believe this is a j2534 interface for the price i thought it a scam so i bought with that idea in mind when it arrived the next day due to prime shipping i thought well this is nice but does it work and believe me it does!!! now i use godiag gd101 j2534 usb cable with forscan and very happy with the speed of the live data have yet to try it with other software you cannot buy lunch for what i paid for the unit any decent j2534 interface is at least $1000.00


Review 8: Works fine with Scanmaster ELM/ ODIS 9.1/ Techstream

You can buy GODIAG GD101 or VNCI Mini it’s the same hardware build by ROKWY.

I buy it and made a little review:


FIRST: Use Godiag drivers: it provide a little software that provide firmware updates, HDS pin Tool and TECHSTREAM keygen (v12 to v17)

(I can give you the website link I find it on xml files)


THEN: Windows 7 and olders are not supported (recognized as N32G43x Port but no usable drivers).


You need to use Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or 11 but on 22H2 the provided soft not working (unable to connect to VCI and updater crash).

Meanwhile, driver works with Win 11 22h2 you can use third party softs.


Works fine with Scanmaster ELM: recognized as ELM 1.3a device

Works with ODIS 9.1

Works with Techstream (tested with v18)


Not tested with others software at this time.


Review 9: Works perfectly with Toyota Techstream

I was looking for a J2534 compatible cable to use with Toyota’s Techstream diagnostic a programming software for my 05 Toyota Matrix. This godiag j2534 cable worked flawlessly and at less than half the cost of the other available options.


The software wasn’t the easiest to find on the Website nor was getting it working properly straightforward, in fact I never was able to find it for the godiagshop main homepage. So I suggest you instead Google “GODIAG GD101”, the first or second result should be to the godiagshop website listing for this item. You can either scroll half way down the page or do a Control+F Search for “Software Free” and you’ll see the download link. Once downloaded, install the drivers, GoDiag’s J1979 diagnostic software, and Techstream.


Now, to get a valid key for your Techstream open up the J1979 Diagnostic software, at the top you’ll see a button for “PIN”, click that and make sure you have the TIS keygen tab selected. Next, make sure version 17 and region “other” are both selected, open up your Techstream (you’ll need to make sure you select other as your region on your first startup) enter the asked for info, and when it gets to the popup asking for a key you’ll want to copy your Software ID and enter that into the corresponding field back in the J1979 software. It will give you a key, enter that in TIS and bingo bango your software is valid for the next 3000 days.


I’ve used the software to program a key, as well as chase down/diag a trans issue. If you own a Toyota this software/cable combo are invaluable.


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GODIAG GD101 J2534 Review: Works Great with FORScan

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