Audi 2014 Q5 Mileage Correction by Godiag ODOMaster: Can or Cannot?

One customer asked if Godiag GD801 ODOMaster can correct mileage on 2014 Audi Q5. engineer gave a positive answer to that question.

Currently, Godiag ODOMaster can read and write KM to Audi Q5 2008-2012 and 2013- .

It can be checked from the newest Godiag ODOMaster Audi Mileage Correction list below.

Brand Area MODEL Year Dashboard Type Read & write KM Read EEPROM Write EEPROM Other function
AUDI ALL A1 2013 NEC+24C64
AUDI ALL A1 2014.6- NEC+24C64
AUDI ALL A3 2003-2006
AUDI ALL A3 2007-2010 Error Repair
AUDI ALL A3 2012-2014.06 MQB
AUDI ALL A3 2014.06- MQB
AUDI ALL A4 2002-2005 RB4
AUDI ALL A4 2006-2007 RB8
AUDI ALL A4L 2008-
AUDI ALL A5 2008-2012
AUDI ALL A5 2013-
AUDI ALL A6 1998-2004
AUDI ALL A6L 2004-2008
AUDI ALL A6L 2009-2012
AUDI ALL A6L 2012-
AUDI ALL A7 2010-
AUDI ALL A8L 2003-2006
AUDI ALL A8L 2007-2010
AUDI ALL A8L 2010-
AUDI ALL Q2 2014.06- MQB
AUDI ALL Q3 2013 NEC+24C64
AUDI ALL Q3 2014.6- NEC+24C64
AUDI ALL Q5 2008-2012  
AUDI ALL Q5 2013-  
AUDI ALL Q7 2006-2008
AUDI ALL Q7 2009-
AUDI ALL R8 2007- Error Repair
AUDI ALL S5 2008-2012
AUDI ALL S5 2013-
AUDI ALL S8 2007-2011
AUDI ALL TT 2007-2010 Error Repair

Menu function path:

Diag Program>> CLUSTER CALIBRATE >> AUDI Q5 2013->> Mileage Calibration

Follow the on- screen instruction to operate.

godiag odomaster audi q5 2014 odometer correction 1 godiag odomaster audi q5 2014 odometer correction 2

Note: Godiag GD801 Full Version supports the same car model in mileage correction. Audi Q5 2014 is supported as well.


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