How to Solve Godiag GD801 “Keyless System Malfunction” Issue?

One customer used Godiag GD801 to add a new key to his Mazda CX-5 2017, and the key was programmed successfully. But when he started his car with the new key, the dashboard appeared “keyless system malfunction” error.

godiag gd801 keyless system malfunction solution engineer analyzed the reason and offered the solutions below.

The possible cause:

The customer didn’t use the working key to program.


The solutions:

Method 1: Unplug the negative end of the car battery, plug it back in later and see if the fault disappears.

Method 2: Use other diagnostic scanners to diagnose the vehicle and clear the fault code.

Method 3: Use the working key to program a new key again.

Note: please use the original key to match a new key. If you use the keys made by other factories to match, though it can start the car, the dashboard check engine light will light on, and cannot clear.


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