Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD Programming Adapter.

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Q: Can this GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD read simos 18.1?

A: You can use Foxflash ECU programmer with bench box or work with Godiag ECU Adapter to read simos 18.1 via OBD or Boot mode.


Q: Can I use Godiag adapter to read ecu in boot mode without opening ecu?

A: It’s just an adapter, opening the cover or not depends on what programmer you use and what wiring method you choose.


Q: Can Godiag ECU Adapter work with BITBOX to read Gpec2A in boot mode?

A: Yes, if your bitbox has obd cable.


Q: How to get wiring diagram (pinout)? Is it including Godiag ECU Adapter?

A: Yes, the Godiag ECU GPT Boot Adapter wiring diagram is included. You can free download ECU OBD2 GPT Boot Pinout.zip directly, or visit the corresponding website to check the different ECU products PINOUT. Click here to learn more info.


Q: How to read and write ecu with Godiag ECU GPT Boot AD connector?

A: Connect Godiag ECU Connector to ECU and J2534 device/ECU programmer correctly according to the wiring diagram, and then run pcmflash software to perform the read/write functions.


How to Use GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD and J2534 Device?

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