Godiag EV Charger 16A–Level 1+2 Customer Review

GODIAG EV101 Portable EV Charger can be applied to Level 1/Level 2 mode socket, namely 220-240V dual voltage mode, and automatically identify and convert the voltage. Many customers give feedback that it’s easy and fast to charger, also supports Tesla with a Godiag J1772 Adapter, even better than the original.

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Review 1: Works as it should and easily switchable

Size: 16A-level 1+2

Unit works exactly as it should. Charges car at 16amp level 2 with 240v. When using it for 120v level 1, I can easily switch amperage so I can use other devices on the same circuit. Shows amount used from last charge. Indicates if unit is charging along with Amps to verify car is or is not charging at the wrong times. Remember that an EVSE is a simple contact breaker and basic instruction circuit to the car to charge at the correct amperage. They are not the charger, the car is. They do not charge voltage, the car modifies the voltage as needed.


Review 2: Easiest install ever!

Size: 16A-level 1+2

My first EV car and charger! Love the option of both levels. Level 2 was almost 1000 to install and my level 1 was less than 150! I can just supplement my charging overnight until I can upgrade the garage to lv2. Literally plug and play!


Review 3: L1+L2 Portable EV Charger

Size: 16A-level 1+2

This versatile and compact portable L1/ L2 EV charger features a long cable, Both NEMA 6-20 and NEMA 5-15 plugs, and a lcd screen. The current and time can be adjusted from 8A-16A. High quality materials and good construction make this a great choice for at home or on the road charging. This charger also includes a standard J1772 connector and rated for indoor/outdoor use.


Review 4: Perfect

Size: 16A-level 1+2

Works great. I can see the charge rate

Cable is quite heavy gadgets for the stated amps. Fully compatible with my Ford Escape plug in hybrid.


Review 5: Works Great for 2017 Fiat 500e

Size: 16A-level 1+2

The Godiag charger that came with my 2017 Fiat 500e broke and I bought this to replace it. Works great, even better than the original.


Review 6: Great for hybrids and 120v circuits that may have other items on it

Size: 16A-level 1+2

This godiag 16A EV charger was a good solution for my hybrid and setting up in my apartment garage. Apartment manager said that most EV users can’t charge in their garage because it was 15 amp circuit plus the garage opener is already tied to the circuit so most EV chargers would pop the breaker. Set this to 8 amps and have had no issues so far. It does take a bit to charge but if you have a low mileage hybrid, it’s a perfect fit.


Review 7: Fantastic!

Size: 16A-level 1+2

Tesla sold me a broken charger, so I needed to get an affordable replacement fast. This Godiag EV charger shipped in only a day and works fantastic! The screen is an excellent feature to give a little extra detail on the charging and the 16a is a nice speed increase over the 12a of the Tesla charger. The cable is also nice and long, and the unit, while larger, looks more professional than the Tesla branded unit. Excited to mount this one on my wall and make it my permanent charger and hopefully return the Tesla crap.


Review 8: Faster than Hyundai’s mobile charger

Size: 16A-level 1+2

We’ve got a 2022 Hyundai Kona EV and typically charge overnight using the mobile charger supplied by Hyundai. It works with 120V outlets at 12A and we get about 12% charge overnight.


Was excited to be able to charge at a faster rate from our existing sockets and tested out the GODIAG in 16A mode.


The LCD shows info about charging mode, time charging, actual voltage and amperage used, along with amount of power provided. Pretty good!


On our outlet, it draws 15A at 115V.


Was hoping for a few extra percent charged overnight but managed to go from 32% to 57%! Really impressed.


Build quality is nice and sturdy and the connector fits into our car perfectly. Cable length is arguably much longer than we need but nice to have.


Was happy to see an included adapter that allowed it to be used in a regular socket.


Carry bag isn’t fancy but does the job nicely.


Overall.. it’s a very reasonable price for a very capable charger. 5 stars – has replaced our Hyundai charger for home use!

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godiag ev charger 16a level 12 customer review 5

To be continued…


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