GODIAG GT109 DOIP-ENET can work with many ENET software incl. E-SYS, INPA, ISTA, ISIS, ICOM, ECOM, Rheingold, ODIS-E, Pathfinder, Xentry, etc for BMW vehicles diagnosis and coding. Which BMW car is supported and which is not supported? Here have collected some related FAQs for reference.

godiag gt109 doip enet cable faq

Currently, GODIAG DOIP ENET can support BMW 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 series, X1/X2/X3/X4/X5/X6/X7/Z4/I3/I8/Mini vehicles below.

-1 Series (2004+)

-2 series, M2 (2013+)

-2 Series ActiveTourer (2014+)

-2 Series GranTourer (2015+)

-3 series, M3 (2005+)

-4 series, M4 (2013+)

-5 series, M5 (2003+)

-6 series, M6 (2003+)

-7 Series (2008+)

-8 Series (2018+)

-X1 (2009+)

-X2 (2018+)

-X3, X3M (2010+)

-X4, X4M (2014+)

-X5, X5M (2006+)

-X6, X6M (2008+)

-X7 (2019+)

-Z4 (2009+)

-I3 (2013+)

-I8 (2013+)

-Mini MINI (2006+)

-Toyota Supra (2019+)


1.GODIAG BMW ENET cable for E Series:

NOT Support!!!

Q: Will it work on e90?

A: No. You need K+DCAN USB to OBD cable for e90.


Q: Will this work on a bmw 2014 x1 m sport?

A: NO. You have an E84.


Q: Would it work with 2007 1 series, E87?

A: No.


Q: Will this work with a 2011 e91 328i convertible? Some enet cables work with the e-series?

A: No it won’t. NO ENET Cable works with E-series vehicles. There is no ZGW Gateway ECU in any E-series vehicle and therefore there is no way to connect to the car via IP. Anyone who tells you different is a liar.


Q: Will this work with 2005 mini cooper s r53? Along with ista?

A: No.


Q: Will this work on a 2013 X5 E70?

A: No.


Q: Does it work to code new injectors on 2011 bmw 550i GT F07?

A: No.


Q: Is this cable had the genuine Ftdi rs232 chipset?

A: No, there is no chipset involved for a BMW ENET Cable. You must be referring to a BMW KDCAN Cable for E-Chassis Cars. ENET Cables are used for F, G and I chassis BMWs.


Q: I have i com ista hdd what cable do i need? i have 3 e series cars.

A: If u have an I com you only need an Ethernet chord. If u have an E series and no icon, then you need a K, D, CAN cable.


Q: Does this work with E60?

A: You require a K+ DCAN cable. Ethernet to OBD interface works with F, G, I series.


Q: Will this GODIAG ENET cable work with BMW I3 2016?

A: Yes, the cable will work on the I01 BMW i3 2014 to 2016.


Q: Does this cable work with m240i?

A: Yes.


Q: Is this compatible with 2017 x4 m40i?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this work for a F87 for Bootmod3?

A: Yes, it does.


Q: Will this work on F01?

A: I would suppose so? It worked on my F30, 2016.


Q: Cable works with BMW i3?

A: I think yes but not sure. And i am going to use it on f30 and it fits my car.


Q: Does the code work on a 2013 740li?

A: It most likely should. It is just an OBDII connector with an RJ-45 connector on the other side, so technically it will work with any OBDII car. Just remember to use the proper version of coding software and the guide for the F01 chassis to make sure you don’t mess anything up on your car


Q: Will GODIAG enet cable fit my 2013 bmw x3?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this work on a 2016 mini cooper s clubman f54?

A: Yes.


Q: Will it work with 2016 BMW 428i convertible?

A: Yes it will. Buy from ENET cables fast and we provide instructions and everything you need to get started including links to the necessary software.


Q: Will this work on my 2015 BMW 428I F36?

A: Yes.


Q: Does this godiag doip enet cable work on 2003 bmw 330i???

A: Yes, it works with BMW 3 Series models.


Q: Will this work with 2016 mini cooper / and countryman (f56 or r60)?

A: Yes for the F56 … No for the R60.


Q: Will this work with a 2014 M235i?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this work for a bmw x6 35i n55 2013/2014.

A: This is only for F, G and I series BMW, your 2013 X6 is still E71/E72 series.


Q: Will this work for a 2014 bmw x5 sdrive35i?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this cable work on a 2013 M6?

A: Yes, I have used it on a 2013 and 2014 m6. Will work for any F series.


Q: Will this work on a 2006 525xi to remove passenger restraint system warning error?

A: It depends on the software you are using, normally a good scanner software could do that. Remember that cable is only the interface, e-sys is very complete and powerful, likely it can do it.


Q: Does it work for a bmw f30 lci 2017 320i with a b48 engine?

A: Yes.


Q: Does GODIAG GT109 work with 2014 125i F20?

A: Yes.

Q: Will this work on 2007 V8 550i e60 with F10?

A: Yes, it does.


Q: Will this work for a 2015 BMW X5?

A: Yes … buy from ENET Cables Fast and receive your product quickly with software links and coding guides and codes included.


Q: Does Godiag doip enet cable fit a 2016 februari 520?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this work on 2011 Countryman?

A: It should… it’s a standard OBD II connector to RJ-45 Ethernet connector… As long as your laptop/pc has the port you’re good…


Q: Will this work on G series cars?

A: Yes. Buy from godiagshop.com ENET Cables Fast to receive coding cheat sheets for new X3/5/7 series along with all other necessary software to code your car.


Q: Will this cable work for a 2016 bmw 1 series? f20

A: Yes, it will work.


Q: Does this Godiag cable work with F48 2017?

A: Yes, it will.


Q: What all would i need to start coding different options for my 2013 x3 35i? i want my passenger to be able to watch dvd while traveling in my car.

A: You would need this cable and then a computer with the proper software and setup to do the programming. It is a lot of work in my opinion and requires extensive knowledge of the software. I would recommend instead search amazon for the “Carly Original Bluetooth GEN 2 OBD Adapter” which is an adapter that allows you to program with a few clicks from your phone.


Q: Does this work on 2013 3 series?

A: I have a 2014 F30 (328xi) and it works perfect. I would imagine it would work on a 2013 as well.


Q: Does it work on 520i from februari 2016?

A: Yes.


Q: Have 2 bmws. Does it work with 2016 f30 320i & 2014 f25 x3? Will you provide link to download software?

A: F series yes and g series but not e series.


Q: Is it compatible with a bmw i3 2017? Does it come with software and likes/guides?

A: If it works with your i3 but it does not come with any instructions, guides or software. You will need to download the proper software.


Q: Will this work with 2013 328 convertible?

A: Yes, it works for all F-series.


Q: Will this Godiag BMW DOIP ENET Cable work with G20?

A: It should for diagnosing but not programming and software.


Q: Does this cable work on 2011 535i GT?

A: Yes.


Q: Will it fit my 2013 bmw x3?

A: Yes.


Q: Does this cable work with 2016 435?

A: Yes, works on all F, G, I series.


Q: Does it work for 2012 328i?

A: Works for all f series BMW.


Q: Anyone tried this on a G05 yet and know if it works?

A: Cable should work no problem but there’s not much you can do to G05.


Q: Will this work on a 2017 F31 Sport Wagon?

A: Yes.


Q: Will I be able with this cable and provided software to code and register a new battery on my F25?

A: Yes, you will need ISTA Rheingold software along with the cable to do this.


Q: Will this cable work on the G01 X3M40i chassis?

A: Yes, I believe so, all f series model.


Q: Does this Godiag BMW cable work for 2016 750i?

A: Yes.


Q: Does this cable work with F48 2017?

A: Yes.


Q: Does this cable work with my 2019 x3 g01 bmw?

A: Works with all F, G & I series BMW.


Q: Does this work on a 2017 i3 rex with business navigation (not professional)?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this work for a 2013 bmw 320i?

A: If you have the F30 generation then yes it will work.

I have a 13 328, and it works fine. The port is next to the foot plate. If you order it from the same people I did they will send you link for the pzdata and e sys. I hope this helps.


Q: Will this work with a 2016 x3 to retrofit for Sirius radio?

A: Yes.


Q: I replaced mechatronic on my f25 x3 2011 and the car doesn’t shift out “Park”. Can I use your cable to reset it somehow?

A: If you have the software to read the faults I don’t see why not.


GODIAG GT109 ENET Cable software, quality, source, PC..:

Q: Does this cable works with ista/d?

A: Yes.


Q: Can e-sys work with this cable and an rj-45 to usb adapter?

A: Yes. That’s exactly what I did and worked flawlessly for my ’17 X5.


Q: Is the Rheingold software legally available, or is the entire market usage of this product based on illegal unlicensed versions?

A: It’s not illegally unlicensed it’s just cleveraly exploited platforms from Russian servers with loose copyright laws.


Q: For the people who had quality control issues with their cable, which seller did you guys buy it from?

A: You can buy the cable from anyone reliable but you’d better check if it has support or not esp you’re a newbie for this.


Q: Can I use this Godiag cable to read engine codes and reset service reminders?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I use this cable to work with the scan guage 2 device?

A: If scan gauge uses the cable and has an f series g series pin out one set up.


Q: How long is the BMW ENET cable?

A: It’s 2 meters long.


Q: Will I need to use a windows computer for the software or will it also work with my Apple laptop?

A: The cable will work with a VM running Windows on a Mac.


Q: I purchased the Godiag doip-enet cable. i do not have the driver where can i find the driver?

A: If your computer has a network (Ethernet) socket, and you shouldn’t need a driver. There’s certainly no special driver to talk to the car. It’s just an Ethernet connection. Just make sure DHCP is enabled on your computer for that connection.


To be continued…


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