What’s the Difference between Foxflash and PCMTuner?

Both foxflash and PCMTuner are hot-selling ECU programmers and are well liked by customers.

Some customers are confused about which is better to buy. Check the analysis and suggestions from godiagshop.com engineer.


Foxflash ECU Chip Tuning Tool:

foxflash vs pcmtuner ecu programmer 1


  • Covers hundreds of Manufacturer ECU’s and TCU’s in OBD, BENCH, BOOT, BDM/JTAG
  • Has more new protocols and with the possibility of reading TCUs.
  • Supports more gearbox models: such as Benz, BMW, etc
  • Supports old ECUs: edc16, edc15
  • Supports VR file reading online



  • It does not have tuner account and tuning service for tuners.

Customer needs to send an email to the factory for application.


Foxflash Support ECU TCU List

Or visit https://www.dfb-technology.com/download.html


PCMTuner Magic Car Tool:

foxflash vs pcmtuner ecu programmer 2


  • The price is cheap.
  • Contains 60 modules for individual ECUs mostly OBD. It also can read/write ECU on Bench and Boot.
  • PCMtuner supplies VR files for all legal users, also has helpdesk for them. Click here to learn how to activate PCMtuner and get VR Account.



  • Has very good coverage but can only do certain bench jobs (edc17/med17/mev17) and limited boot.
  • Cannot do any BDM Jtag work or Agri and plant.


PCMTuner ECU TCU Support List:

Visit https://tuner-box.com/ecu-list.php

Hexprog ecu list:

Visit https://tuner-box.com/hexpro_eculist.php


In conclusion, Foxflash ECU tool or PCMTuner ECU programmer has its own capabilities, not all tools can read/write perfectly. The 2 ECU programmers are complementary. If your budget is sufficient, recommend you to buy both products together. The more tools, the more work you can perform. If not, you can choose one according to your needs.


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  • 2 pairs of gloves



Buy PCMtuner with 67 software modules (free online update/ Pinout diagram with free Damaos for users):



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