Godiag GD201 All-Make Scanner Review

Do you have a Godiag GD201 diagnostic scanner? Or you are interested in it but have not got one yet. Maybe this post will give you some help.


Godiag team has designed three hand-held diagnostic scanners, and named as GD201, GD202 and GD203. Godiag GD201 supports the most functions among all. It can OBDII scan for all electronic systems and also support 29 kinds of available Reset service for more than 80 American, Asian and European vehicle (most 1996 and newer OBDII & CAN compliant cars, SUVs, minivans, and hybrid sold worldwide)

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Compared with other similar products, GD201 is the winner. It is the most comprehensive diagnostic scanner covers the basic function and a lot of special function, also available with multi-languages and can be updated online for free for lifetime.

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Many customers who have bought and used Godiag GD201 for some time speak highly of this product. They say the scanner is easy to use and save a couple hundred dollars at the mechanic.


Here shares some good comments.


Review 1: Works for me!

I’m using this GD201 scanner for my BMW 328i and my brothers Dodge Dakota, and we’re able to get all the codes easily. Albeit a little pricy, seems that you can update the unit as well. Overall functionality and user interface are pretty good. I’d say it’s definitely worth it and perfect for at home use for me.

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Review 2: It can do almost anything!

This OBD2 scanner has blown mine and my husband’s mind!!! We hooked up to my Dodge and it automatically identified my vehicle by VIN. It has a wide range of functions to choose from. It’s pretty simple to read and delete codes with the scanner. The oil light reset function is very helpful with newer vehicles because most newer cars have to be taken to a dealership or mechanic shop otherwise if you do your oil change at home, the light will not just turn off. I can’t wait until I can try the immobilizer rest and key coding. Potentially that could save hundreds of dollars if you lose your key or change your radio and trigger the immobilizer. That will render your car useless.

Everyone needs an OBD2 around their home for small problems that they can fix. This scanner is very user friendly and the fact that it has free yearly updates is an added bonus. We will be enjoying the freedom of not having to have a mechanic for every light that comes on in our vehicles now. All thanks to this Godiag GD201 OBD2. I highly recommend this to every DIY kind of backyard mechanic as well as shop and professional mechanic. Great product and functions!


Review 3: A great tool to read my cars codes and clear it!

This godiag gd201 scanner is a great device to check my car’s error codes. It has big keys and screen, super easy to use and clear codes. In addition, it’s easy to update.

is godiag gd201 worth buying 2

is godiag gd201 worth buying 3



Review 4: Easy to use and accurate

Correctly identified my 2001 mini van with the VIN. Unit also identified and known problem with the oxygen sensor. These were my two basic test items since I won’t know any other problems until it actually happens.


We will make good use of the oil change reset, since my son in law often changes the oil in all of our vehicles and it’s nice to not have the oil light stay on afterwards. While there are manual resets to this, it’s not a priority, so it’s usually skipped during a hurried home oil change. Now I can turn the light off myself.


The software was easy to update and has free updates for life. It’s nice to know it won’t become outdated, or at least not for a good many years to come.


We have somewhat a fleet of vehicles here to care for, so happy to know I can trust this diagnostic tool to keep an eye on them all. When you consider the cost of auto repairs, the price of this unit is great. It can identify problems before they turn into bigger ones.


Diagnostic tool saves you from potentially untrustworthy mechanics by knowing in advance what is actually wrong with your vehicle. A great tool for any home garage.


Review 5: Super easy to use menu system

This GODIAG GD201 OBD2 Scanner All Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool it’s really both an amazing tool and an amazing super low price point for something so pro grade. We use the scanners in the shop frequently and this one is probably by far the easiest and most easy to follow menu system that I’ve ever used. It’s also the first model that I’ve ever test it out that is automatically identified the Vin number of the vehicle. In this case a late model GMC Duramax pick up. It links up effortlessly and quickly found the specific code that was causing Check engine light to come on. In addition to being a premium grade tool it is also very well-built and quite ergonomically to hold. It’s definitely not made of any cheap materials and has the professionally made feel to it. I really value this in a tool.


Myself and the whole shop is quite pleased with it and it’s quickly become our go to OBDT2 tester. It’s an awesome price point and an awesome tool and we highly recommend it.


Review 6: Solid diagnostic tool – this saved me a couple hundred dollars at the mechanic.

This diagnostic tool saved me several hundred dollars out of the gate. I was able to take care of some of the basic issues I was having with my 2001 Honda Civic EX, and then when I got to something I couldn’t handle myself I took it in to a mechanic with a specific request, saving on the diagnostic expense. If you know your way around a car, this is a fantastic tool to add to your kit. It won’t give you every piece of information you need, but it will allow you to read codes and reset your maintenance light, check engine light, etc.


Interestingly, the car manufacturers are listed by region first, then alphabetically. So you have to know where your car was made more or less, but that’s really not a big deal. It’s just different than other tools I’ve used.


I have only used this so far as a diagnostic tool for existing conditions – I haven’t used the live data readouts except to glance at them and I didn’t bother plugging it up to my computer.


The screen is bright, even when you’re working outside, and the unit feels solid in the hand. It’s not so big that it’s clunky but it’s not so small that you’re going to lose it. I am extremely happy with this scanner.


I would definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a professional grade scanner at hand!


In short, Godiag GD201 is a cost-effective (less than $200 dollars)OBDII all-make full system diagnostic scanner. You can enjoy lifetime free upgrade service online, and you will always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicles, newly added parameters and functionality at your fingertips.

If you need one, don’t hesitate to order at www.godiagshop.com. We are the Godiag brand authorized dealer with professional tech support, and ensure the quality and authenticity of GODIAG tools.