2023 GODIAG Power Probe FAQ & Review

Godiag has three kinds of power probe testers: Godiag GT101, Godiag GT102 and Godiag GT103. All support Car Power Line Fault Finding + Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing + Relay Testing. The difference is that GT101 covers all functions of the others, GT102 cannot display current, and GT103 is the cheapest as it doesn’t support AC voltage and Current display. Here have collected some newest FAQs and customer reviews in 2023 about Godiag Power Probe.

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2023 GODIAG Power Probe FAQ:


Question 1: How to use the Godiag Wire Piercing Probe?


1) First, turn the red knob and pull down the spring clip to an appropriate position, so that the spring clip can clamp the line under test.

2) Screw the red knob again to make sure the probe and the line under test are in good contact.

3) Insert the banana plug cable at the end of it.

4) Plug the other end of banana plug cable into the GT101/GT102/GT103.

5) After reading the voltage, unplug the cable, turn the knob and pull down the spring clip, finally remove the test wire.

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Question 2: Does this make a different sound for positive and negative or is it the same?

Answer: Yes, it makes different sounds.

When the product detects the positive, the beep will become sharp and the indicator will turn red at the same time.

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When the product detects the negative, the beeping sound will become smooth and the indicator light will turn green.

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Question 3: How to clean fuel injector?


1) Prepare a fuel injector cleaner pressurized can or a carburetor cleaner pressurized can (nozzle diameter of the pressurized cans: 4mm)

2) Hold the manual cleaning tool tightly with your hand, and firmly fix the fuel injector with your fingers to prevent the pressure of the cleaner can from washing away the fuel injector.

3) Pay attention to the hazards of liquid to human body during manual cleaning, and take protective measures. Do not operate in dangerous places with open flames because the pressurized cans are extremely flammable. (Choose an open place to facilitate the discharge of cleaning liquid.)

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2023 GODIAG Power Probe Customer Review:


Review 1: Very helpful tool

I build motorcycles as a hobby and this godiag tool makes it so easy to find you positive and ground. Makes testing lights and gauges breeze.


Review 2: Great for troubleshooting, diagnosing and finding broken wires, shorts and failed devices

This Godiag circuit tester tool makes it a breeze when rewiring your cars, finding blown fuses, shorts and testing relays. The added benefit is the injector cleaning adapters and the ability to pulse them, as well as relays, and circuits in the cars. I recently used this tool to rewire a classic VW, troubleshoot an ABS communication and pump issue in a later model VW, wire in a new radio and trace out wires in a 2002 Chevy suburban, repair a broken wire in a tail light on a 2007 Chevy Silverado. Can’t go wrong for the price. Great tool to add to your tool box.


Review 3: GREAT diagnostic tool! Recommended for every garage!

These types of tools are great to have in the garage or workshop. You may be wondering what’s so great when you can get a bulb tester for like 5 bucks right? Well, this Power Probe can introduce voltage into the system to test simple items such as door regulators and motors. It can also introduce ground when needed on certain components that react off ground, not power. You can activate it to test relays and fuel injectors.


Review 4: Work well

Got this godiag power probe for hooking and testing lights on my vehicles. Leads are long enough to reach for my battery to the rear of my pickup. Never used one before but is working well for me. Makes finding grounds, testing lights, checking wire for breaks easy. I’m sure there is more it will do, and I will learn them as I go. Priced a lot cheaper than most like it. Seems well-constructed with good test leads, good clamps, several types of different probe connections.


Review 5: Save yourself some money

We had a short in our 2007 jeep which we spent hours trying to find out where it was! When you have to trace a short down it is time consuming and taking it to a mechanic was going to cost us about $500! We purchased this Godiag circuit probe tester and within an hour trace the short down fixed it and saved ourselves some big bucks! This is one of those tools if you don’t have it you would wish you did, anyone that works on their own car really needs to invest in one of these. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


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